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1-7 The Fades (finale - spoilers)
8-30 Misfits (series 2 & 3)
31-45 Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story
46-62 Tom Felton (From The Rough, White Other)
63-84 Like Minds/Criminal Intent & Eddie Redmayne


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1-18 Celebs (Kristen Stewart, Rachel Weisz, Eddie Redmayne, Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Phillippe)
19-103 Nick Stahl/Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

+ 3 Banners (Rachel Weisz, Supernatural)


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So many reasons to see this movie: Eddie, Sean, Medieval history concerning the Plague. Can't wait!
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1-31 Skins (series 1)
32-35 Eddie Redmayne
36-48 Logan Lerman + Percy Jackson
49-56 Supernatural (The Song Remains The Same)

+ 1 sidebar animation (Percy Jackson)


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1-6 The Runaways (trailer)
7-9 Eddie Redmayne & Kate Mara
10-20 Misfits/Robbie Sheehan
21-22 X:Men Origins: Wolverine (Deadpool)
23-30 Ben Kowalewicz /Billy Talent
31-37 Hayley Williams

+ 1 Desktop (Cherrybomb - Robert Sheehan)


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1-10 Ryan Kwanten/True Blood
11-12 Eddie Redmayne & Scarlett Johansson
13-16 Harper's Island
17-27 The Lovely Bones (trailer)
28-32 Imagine Me & You
33-44 The Lookout
45-55 Watchmen


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1-6 Adam (Supernatural)
7-10 Stock: Stone Angels
11-13 RPG requests
14-20 Powder Blue
21-31 Ginger Snaps: Unleashed
32 RPG for electus
33-35 Olivia Wilde
36-46 Anton Yelchin - entries for [ profile] antonstills
47-75 Sam Worthington/Terminator Salvation/Anton Yelchin

[+ 2 Banners: Anton Yelchin & Jake Abel]


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Bought Charlie Bartlett and The Uninvited with my Blockbuster gift card I got for my birthday, and I rented Powder Blue (in which Eddie Redmayne plays a mortician, so win <3) Gotta run and get wet and naked first, not necessarily in that order, since I spent the last two hours building picnic tables for my church.

Also, semi-good news, my dad said I can use his slow ass computer until I can get one, which means tagging would happen, but without a variation of icons.

ETA: OH! and I got my hair cut kinda like Sarah Connor's (though that wasn't on purpose, and I only noticed afterwards) but a bit longer and with side bangs. I'll take a picture someday when I'm looking like a human.
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1-2 Milo Ventimiglia
3-5 Jordana Brewster
6-7 Eliza Dushku
8-10 Eddie Redmayne
11-33 D.E.B.S.
34-54 Legend of the Seeker (1:8 Denna)


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1-6 Sophia Bush
7 Robert Downey Jr.
8-18 The Perfume: A Story of a Murderer
19-26 Jamie Bell
27-31 Eddie Redmayne
32 Karoline Herfurth
33-37 Dollhouse Pilot Episode
38-71 MCR Desolation Row Video/Frank Iero


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Hayden Panettiere, Street Kings, Maggie Grace, Rachel Weisz, Chase Crawford/Sebastian Stan/The Covenant, Clemence Poesy, Twilight (new clip), Imogen Heap Lyrics, Jamie Bell, 5 Eddie Redmayne
+ 88 Icons Total
+ 2 Jamie Bell desktops
+ 13 Banners/Headers< (House MD//Clemence Poesy//Kate Nash//Gaspard Ulliel//Ellen Page//Eddie Redmayne//Jamie Bell)


(The Rest)

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New Like Minds layout, with appropriate AFI lyrics.
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Um.... omfg! My favorite actor not only wants to meet, but totally compliments my favorite actress on his myspace!!!! *IS SO DEAD WITH THE HAPPY* I really, really wish they'd do a movie together!


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Things that irritate me:
Pyro has a migraine, which sucks cuz mine's gone now :/

Things that make me smile:
Possible Eddie fansite in the near future!

Oh and....IT'S RAINING!
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So, new Eddie Redmayne layouts for both [ profile] sp_iconiness and my personal journal, [ profile] roguedemonhunte, because how could I NOT take advantage of the hot new Eddie pics! I'll post the 100-something icons that go with it tomorrow, along with some Ed Speleers and Kate Mara icons. *is way too tired right now to do it*
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I know I'm not supposed to bother you or help you be bad and go online but ZOMFG NEW EDDIE PICS YOU HAVE TO SEE!

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Forgot to announce my new layout for the ST OTP, Jesse Rite/Sadie Calhoun. It turned out really emo, but that's completely them. Lyrics are Tegan and Sara's "This Is Everything"
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Eddie Redmayne Picspam, (including Like Minds animations) because psychological thrillers turn me on like no other!


Gestalt. It's how you use it. )
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Dear Eddie Redmayne,
Marry me?
Love, Jen
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totally meant to post this a couple weeks ago when I first watched it, but I only just found caps to icon today and it reminded me that I had failed to mention: Eddie Redmayne wins at awesome, and Like Minds was amazing. That is all.

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