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Let my paid account on here expire since tumblr basically let's me do all of this for free, so bare with me while I fix my layout/icons.
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New Bosco/Cruz layout bitches!
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New layout, kinda. Gosh Percy!muse you're sure angsty these days!
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New layout, finally. I love this screencap of Annabeth so much I had to find a new layout I could make a banner for with it ♥ Many thanks to my wonderful capping source!
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Giving [ profile] causticammo a new layout cheered me up considerably. You should all go look since you can never have too much Matthew Goode in your life.
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New Defiance layout, cuz yeah.
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New Hellblazer layout.

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New layout of hotness.

Start my new job in 7 hours, so wish me luck!
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[ profile] sp_iconiness has an awesome Hellblazer layout now and I have a new RDJ moodtheme to match my layout!
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New Alex/Izzy layout cuz I'm addicted.

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New layout featuring Jamie Bell from Jumper. So hyped for Jumper this weekend. I got paid yesterday, and I'm splurging to see my boys teleport from place to place together! Anyone know where I can find the e-book for free?
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So, new Eddie Redmayne layouts for both [ profile] sp_iconiness and my personal journal, [ profile] roguedemonhunte, because how could I NOT take advantage of the hot new Eddie pics! I'll post the 100-something icons that go with it tomorrow, along with some Ed Speleers and Kate Mara icons. *is way too tired right now to do it*
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Forgot to announce my new layout for the ST OTP, Jesse Rite/Sadie Calhoun. It turned out really emo, but that's completely them. Lyrics are Tegan and Sara's "This Is Everything"
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Forgot to announce my new layout for the ST OTP, Elle/Adam Schaffer. Isn't it purty? I'd bore you with the details on who they are and why they're so fun, but it would do just that--bore you. So I guess if you're curious you can ask xD
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Dear Eddie Redmayne,
Marry me?
Love, Jen
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New Alkaline Trio layout and creepy user info banner ftw!
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New Transformers layout ftw!


May. 23rd, 2007 02:35 am
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Featuring Thomas Dekker, whom you may recognize as Zach from Heroes and will soon know as John Connor!!!!! It's all [ profile] thereisnosp00n's fault for this Heroes picspam! I've been sitting on this header all day trying to decide if I wanted to use it, but that trailer made my choice for me!

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Help? I always mess up the colors when I change them, and I'm just wondering how to change the color of the gray bars in the entry titles where the date is. So which color # do I replace?

The layout coding:

Free Image Hosting at
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New Emilie Autumn layout, cuz I just couldn't resist making one before I left! Needless to say, I'm iconing her while I'm without the internet cuz her 2-disk album has an awesome collection of images on the second disk!

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