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1-89 X-Men: First Class (+ Lucas Till)
90-100 Sebastian Stan
101-137 Ashley Benson/Pretty Little Liars
138-142 Percy Jackson
143-166 Rachel Thevenard (Skins US)


(AMMUNITION) @ [ profile] causticammo
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1-16 Actresses (Katee Sackhoff, Rachel Weisz, Charlize Theron, Stana Katic)
17-23 Being Human US (+animated)
24-33 Percy Jackson, Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario
34-38 Terminator Salvation (Christian Bale)
39-45 Southland
46-80 Band of Brothers (mostly Liebgott - some animated + 2 banners)
81-100 Generation Kill
101-102 The Eagle


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Earlier this month, director Stephen Chbosky, said he'd be pleased to have both Emma Watson (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) on his upcoming movie Perks of being a Wallflower. Well, that just didn't work out. Due to schedule conflicts and time restraints Logan Lerman will not be able to star in the movie. Auditions were hold nation wide, and Los Angeles actor Gabriel Liotta (Big Love) took logan's place. As for Emma Watson, the actress is still in talks with the producers trying to figure out a way to participate in the production.


Surprisingly okay with this. Bummed, of course, but the movie will still be good since the book was amazing, and MAYBE THOSE SCHEDULE CONFLICTS MEAN SEA OF MONSTERS IS HAPPENING OKAY!
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Over And Out: A powerless!Percy Jackson fanmix for Camp Half-Blood

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1-20 Logan Lerman/Percy Jackson/Three Musketeers
21-46 The Vampire Diaries season 1
47-59 Hawaii Five-O pilot
60-91 Jason Wiles (Third Watch & Persons Unknown)
+ 2 banners (Hawaii Five-O & Persons Unknown)


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1-53 Percy Jackson/Cast
54-69 Alexandra Daddario
70-116 Logan Lerman
+ 1 Percy/Annabeth banner


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New layout, kinda. Gosh Percy!muse you're sure angsty these days!
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1-4 Green Lantern Movie
5-6 Zac Efron
7-30 Sucker Punch
31-57 True Blood (season 3, episode 5)
58-62 Allison Scagliotti
63-98 Saoirse Ronan


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Camp Half-Blood Score 9: A score fanmix for Camp Half-Blood

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Why aren't you reading these books? I've recently started rereading and it makes me sad that the fandom has virtually died online. BABY COME BACK! YOU CAN BLAME IT ALLLLL ON ME!

For those of you who enjoy slash IT IS VERY SLASHABLE:

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Camp Half-Blood Score 8: A score fanmix for Camp Half-Blood

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1-20 (+7 alternates) Logan Lerman for [ profile] percy20in20


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1-10 Bridget Regan & Ellen Page
11-22 LOST season 3 finale
23-73 Percy Jackson (deleted scenes, Logan/Alex, Alex) + 2 banners
74-112 Logan Lerman (3:10 To Yuma, Gamer, various)


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Took my mom out to breakfast this morning, which was okay except that she kept asking me questions about how I'm doing and stuff. I guess she's worried because I was so stressed out about her surgery, but hello mom--you were the one talking like you were going to die.

In other news, I started reading House of Leaves and I'm loving it so far. It reminds me of some of Stephen King's stuff--which is in no way a complaint.

I gush about Logan Lerman with guns. )

Randomly, tomorrow I move the rest of my crap out of my apartment so that I'm finally over at my parents' house and can start saving money. I love them to death, but I miss being on my own already. Wish cars didn't cost money.
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Camp Half-Blood Score 7: A score fanmix for Camp Half-Blood

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1-16 True Blood season 3 (Eric & Sookie)
17-50 Legend of the Seeker (Kahlan only)
51-72 Percy Jackson (Percy & Annabeth - 6 animated)

+ 6 banners


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Camp Half-Blood Score 6: A score fanmix for Camp Half-Blood

AMMUNITION @ [ profile] causticammo


Jul. 3rd, 2010 05:21 pm
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So I’m watching season one of Supernatural (again) for like the fifth time, and I just wanted to say I fucking love this show.

It’s perfect. Also, the producer is Peter Johnson, and every time I see his name now in the credits I think of Mr. D calling Percy that.

I miss bb!Sammy

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