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As someone who deals with tragedy firsthand in the funeral industry, I've come across various scenes similar to the one Alex describes in regards to his daughter and her death. The way everything is described, the emotions, the lack of reaction at first, the shock, it's all written so very realistically in this short film. I found myself drawn into the character--which I attribute both to Simon Stephens' writing and Andrew Scott's acting.

Here is a man so broken by tragedy that he's lost inside himself trying to tell the story, and the way Alex describes everything is just so spot on that I found myself thinking of various scenes I'd come across because of work and the way they affected the family members and loved ones left behind.

Not ashamed to say it made me cry. I recommend it to everyone, because it's amazing.

In other news, waking up three hours before I have to go to work just because I crashed early with a migraine is uncool. It's just a run to one of the hospitals in Tucson, however, so I won't be gone all day hopefully. Using the drive up and back to plot/ponder things about my book so that I can get back on writing it again. I've fallen into horrible habits now that I'm catching up on rp of ignoring my own novels, so I may start setting aside an hour each night where I take a break from rp.

We'll see how well that works out I guess.

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