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If you're not a stan for one of the actors or Ghost Rider itself I would recommend waiting for the DVD. That said, there were things I loved about it.

THEY LET THE RIDER ACT LIKE AN ACTUAL DEMON IN THIS ONE. Cage definitely excels in playing the Rider himself instead of Johnny. Plus the craycray!angel storyline and Idris being in it was just fucking amazing.

I think it helped that they didn't seem to gaf about continuity from the first movie. Whoever wrote this one has definitely read some actual Ghost Rider comics versus the first movie.

A WILD GILES APPEARED AND WAS KILLED WITHIN THE FIRST TEN MINUTES, but Connor MacLeod showed up later with a sword so it's all good.

Honestly, I think with this one they weren't taking themselves too seriously (it had the same weekend project for fun feel that Jonah Hex did, like a bunch of actors just messing around.) idgaf I loved it, even if there were moments where I was embarrassed for the movie makers.