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Oh lj how I've neglected you. Here, have a few superquick movie reviews:

The Avengers: see it before you die no matter the cost. Whedon writing Marvel is inspired.

Prometheus: fucking amazing and an awesome concept for the origin of the aliens. Fassy makes a scary robot.

Snow White and the Huntsman: I love everything about this movie. Some people complained it was too slow, but I loved it for that even, and the score is amazing.

MIB3: Loved it. Epic time travel story of win.

Chernobyl Diaries: lmao stupid as hell but hilarious to make fun of.

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If you're not a stan for one of the actors or Ghost Rider itself I would recommend waiting for the DVD. That said, there were things I loved about it.

on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (spoilers behind the cut) )

Honestly, I think with this one they weren't taking themselves too seriously (it had the same weekend project for fun feel that Jonah Hex did, like a bunch of actors just messing around.) idgaf I loved it, even if there were moments where I was embarrassed for the movie makers.
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1-149 X-Men: First Class (+ Cast)


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In one word, Captain America was: PERFECT.

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Remember back when The Covenant came out, and no one believed me that Sebastian Stan is fucking awesome? SUCK IT!
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I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. 1) Peter's parents were never involved in the lab (which is what they're making it look like), 2) PETER PARKER WAS WRITTEN TO BE COMIC RELIEF NOT AN EMO KID. I love Andrew, I love Emma, but idk. At least they got the web device thing right this time I guess.
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Any Other World: An Alex Summers Mutant-X fanmix/pic spam
warning: IMAGE HEAVY

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1-135 X-Men: First Class (17 animated; Spoilers - I tried to icon a little of everyone but I have obvious favorites :P)


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Most of you are aware, but for those who might not be, we had to evacuate our home yesterday because of the fire after a mandatory evacuation was initiated for our neighborhood (an evacuation that has moved further in town today as the fire grows). We're staying in Tucson with my asshole uncle, but as my parents' dog fell in the pool and nearly fucking drowned and the puppy just bit their bratty kid who got too close and in her space after we fucking warned her, idk how much longer that's going to last.

Talked to my boss today when my dad and I were allowed an hour to go back and removed his extensive ammo collection from the house so that it didn't endanger the firemen even more--he says he's expecting casualties now that it's jumped the highway, so I'll be going back down tomorrow to stay with a coworker in town so that I can help with that. They usually don't let us in until the fire is %100 contained, but since that doesn't look like it'll happen any time soon they may let us in before. I already volunteered to go in if they need someone to since I'm younger and dnw the old guys getting trapped. So yeah, I may very soon be in the danger zone, but as always I will keep my twitter updated. I have been trying to text but I have so many people worried (which means the world you guys have no idea) that it's just easier to send a text to my twitter, and the networks have been jammed at times because everyone and their mom is texting/calling people. I have also been updating my facebook at times, but it's the edited version since I have very Mormon family following, so the twitter is more accurate.

In side news, Dad and I went to see Green Lantern since we've both been waiting for that movie our entire lives, and it did not disappoint. If my life didn't suck so bad atm I'd fangirl but I just don't have the energy to say more than they did it right.

So basically everything and anything that can go wrong atm is. I appreciate any thoughts/prayers/comments etc. Please don't feel bad if I don't directly reply, I'm just running around atm trying not to lose it completely.

Also, my ex is one of the firefighter's who were called in to fight from Mesa, and he has continued to volunteer for the dangerous jobs. I haven't heard from him since 8am this morning. Yesterday he told me goodbye by telling me he still loves me. So yes, I'm fucking worried about him and all the law enforcement/firemen I work with through the funeral home.
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In other news, the trailers before for Cowboys & Aliens, Captain America, and Green Lantern gave me funny feelings in my pants. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SUMMER YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA.
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Casting looks perfect. I had my doubts but jfc do want!
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1-29 Being Human (US)
30-36 John Constantine (Hellblazer)
37-84 Hard Core Logo/Callum Keith Rennie (various)
85-99 Third Watch
100-105 Southland


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My headache needs to gtfo. It's not as bad as it was last night, but it's lingering.

I bought Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars last night on amazon, but like a moron forgot to change the 'send stuff as it becomes available I want it now!' so I have to wait until March when my preordered Hellblazer Vol 1 comes >.< Anyway, my main reason for linking is that for anyone looking to get into Hellblazer, this will be a good (affordable) way to start!
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If you're not watching The Cape, you should be.

and it's basically the lovechild of The Black Donnelly's (David Lyons could be Jonathan Tucker's brother)/Carnivale/Burton's Batman movies.

how I feel about it )


Also, my SGA DVDs came in the mail today, so along with watching Farscape I WILL BE WATCHING ALL FIVE SEASONS OF SGA!!!!
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1-7 Iron Man 2, Harry Potter, Resident Evil 4
8-18 Southland season 2
19-67 Logan Lerman & Percy Jackson
68-96 Terminator: Salvation
97-140 The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2


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1-10 Skins Series 4 (Effy)
11-38 Misc (Thor, Leighton Meester, Le premier cercle/Gaspard Ulliel, Cassadee Pope)
39-53 Percy Jackson Cast (mostly Alex)
54-81 Carnivàle

+ 3 Banners (Kaya Scodelario, Luke/Thalia, Percy/Annabeth)


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1-10 Kristen Stewart, Ashley Green, Sebastian Stan
11-18 Iron Man 2 (Black Widow), Olivia Wilde
19-46 Skins + Cast
47-82 Percy Jackson + Cast
83-111 Supernatural Season 5, Episode 18 (spoilers)

+ 2 Animations (PJO: Thalia/Luke)
+ 3 Banners (Percy Jackson, Kaya Scodelario, Kristen Stewart)


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