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Migraine, oh migraine, can you please gtfo. I crashed at 8pm and woke up about an hour ago around 4am, and it's still here only now it's a dull headache (which sometimes is even worse) but I want to go see Man On A Ledge today, and I need to work on my novels tonight and just UGH GTFO PAIN.

Also, do moodthemes work the same on dreamwidth as lj?
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Most of you are aware, but for those who might not be, we had to evacuate our home yesterday because of the fire after a mandatory evacuation was initiated for our neighborhood (an evacuation that has moved further in town today as the fire grows). We're staying in Tucson with my asshole uncle, but as my parents' dog fell in the pool and nearly fucking drowned and the puppy just bit their bratty kid who got too close and in her space after we fucking warned her, idk how much longer that's going to last.

Talked to my boss today when my dad and I were allowed an hour to go back and removed his extensive ammo collection from the house so that it didn't endanger the firemen even more--he says he's expecting casualties now that it's jumped the highway, so I'll be going back down tomorrow to stay with a coworker in town so that I can help with that. They usually don't let us in until the fire is %100 contained, but since that doesn't look like it'll happen any time soon they may let us in before. I already volunteered to go in if they need someone to since I'm younger and dnw the old guys getting trapped. So yeah, I may very soon be in the danger zone, but as always I will keep my twitter updated. I have been trying to text but I have so many people worried (which means the world you guys have no idea) that it's just easier to send a text to my twitter, and the networks have been jammed at times because everyone and their mom is texting/calling people. I have also been updating my facebook at times, but it's the edited version since I have very Mormon family following, so the twitter is more accurate.

In side news, Dad and I went to see Green Lantern since we've both been waiting for that movie our entire lives, and it did not disappoint. If my life didn't suck so bad atm I'd fangirl but I just don't have the energy to say more than they did it right.

So basically everything and anything that can go wrong atm is. I appreciate any thoughts/prayers/comments etc. Please don't feel bad if I don't directly reply, I'm just running around atm trying not to lose it completely.

Also, my ex is one of the firefighter's who were called in to fight from Mesa, and he has continued to volunteer for the dangerous jobs. I haven't heard from him since 8am this morning. Yesterday he told me goodbye by telling me he still loves me. So yes, I'm fucking worried about him and all the law enforcement/firemen I work with through the funeral home.
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So I had to cancel my own doctor's appointment this morning because the stents aren't working again and my mom isn't getting enough oxygen so she keeps passing out. My dad has to go to work, and I don't dare leave her alone. So I get to take care of her while feeling like shit myself.

I guess if my face doesn't unswell I'll go to urgent care tonight, but my ear was leaking last night which is NEVER A GOOD SIGN, so I can't put it off for much longer.

I'm worried about her. The next step is open-heart surgery, and I honestly don't think she would survive that with everything else she's got going on.
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Mom's second heart surgery is tomorrow, and I'm nervous as hell. Please send your love/prayers/good thoughts, etc.?

Also, livejournal can you please send me my notifs?
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Earlier this month, director Stephen Chbosky, said he'd be pleased to have both Emma Watson (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) on his upcoming movie Perks of being a Wallflower. Well, that just didn't work out. Due to schedule conflicts and time restraints Logan Lerman will not be able to star in the movie. Auditions were hold nation wide, and Los Angeles actor Gabriel Liotta (Big Love) took logan's place. As for Emma Watson, the actress is still in talks with the producers trying to figure out a way to participate in the production.


Surprisingly okay with this. Bummed, of course, but the movie will still be good since the book was amazing, and MAYBE THOSE SCHEDULE CONFLICTS MEAN SEA OF MONSTERS IS HAPPENING OKAY!
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Saw Skyline today. It was okay, but not the best movie in the world. Granted you can only make a movie like Independence Day once in a lifetime so I wasn't expecting much. The special effects were cool though. It reminded me a lot of Cloverfield. I need to not have Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson (she could be Olivia Wilde's sister) muses though!

My first two seasons of Third Watch came today too--so I need to figure out how to make screencaps since no one makes them anymore!

Ugh, slept until almost noon and my headache STILL didn't go away--the flashing lights from Skyline didn't help of course. Going to lay down again and see if it helps.
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I should be sleeping, but I'm too wound up thinking about what I have to do tomorrow, how I have to stay professional and show no emotion doing it, and how tired I'm going to be after. I just hope I can keep it together around her mom. She doesn't need me weeping on her with everyone else.

I haven't really cried about it. Teared up talking about it, but haven't really cried. I bet it'll hit me at the worst possible moment tomorrow. fml.


Oct. 6th, 2010 07:05 pm
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One of my headlights is broken, so now I get to spend the money I saved up for my trip to see Beth to fix that shit since I drive a lot at night for work.

And now I'm worried more than just the backlight on my laptop is broken, because the keys aren't responding when I hit the sometimes, especially after the computer has been on a while. THIS COMPUTER IS NEW DAMMIT, IT SHOULD NOT BE DOING THIS ALREADY AND I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO REPLACE IT WHEN I HAVEN'T EVEN PAID IT OFF YET!

Damn it

Apr. 20th, 2010 04:33 pm
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Just tore a hole in my favorite jeans while I was sitting down. Granted they're an old pair so I've been expecting it for a while now, but I love these jeans ;_;
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So today I'm taking my car in to get it fixed finally so that I don't have another accident. I've been trying to figure out why that small accident bothered me so damn much, and I've come to the conclusion that thanks to my job I have seen the worst of the worst situations possible, and every time I drive by that knocked over sign my mind goes through what could have happened. So basically, it's a psychological injury more than anything, and because it's on the corner right by my work place I have to get over it. Hoping this car repair doesn't cost too much. I get paid on Friday, but I have rent to pay too.

It's going to be so nice to be able to set that rent money aside once I move back with the parents. Hopefully I can save up and get a good car. I mean, yeah, it'll suck being back home with the parents, but if it saves me $700/month why not? At least for a while.

Halfway through the second Percy Jackson book and I'm effng loving them. Not only do I get to imagine a younger Logan Lerman and Jake Abel playing their parts, but I've always sort of had a thing for the Greek/Roman gods. I very nearly used them for The Link, but figured with Jason's background that Celtic gods would be a more creative way to go. Once I get these books read (which should be by this weekend at the rate I'm going) I plan on starting Skins series 3 finally. Also giving Merlin a shot since Beth and Ally have raved about it. Ugh, I want Misfits back already though!

Anyway, I need to go grab a shower and take my car in. Wish me cheap repairs!
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Reading wiki's and watching the movie on youtube (until my dad's internet cut out and I lost all I'd waited to download) wasn't a good idea. I...may have to rent this game. tyvm trish.
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Ugh, totally just had to call out of work today because my stomach is being a bitch again. Wtf tummy!

*takes some tums flops back into bed*
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Dear Qwest,
I'm going to fucking kill you. I should NOT have to use my ethernet cable for internet when I'm paying a good $60 a fucking month for your service. Oh and did I mention that while I was talking to your asshole tech guy who couldn't even speak English that I missed out on a body call and thus lost $50. Yeah tyvm assholes.
No love ever because I'm fucking switching to cable internet tomorrow,
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Yeah, so putting ice on it last night really, really helped my hand. It no longer feels stiff and possibly broken and a lot of the color has faded. Still can't lift with it, but hopefully it will heal soon.
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Dear Friends & Family,

'I don't like talking on the phone' does not mean call me 7675653254325 times and say 'I know you don't like talking on the phone but...' every single fucking time. Especially when you know I just lost $50 in having to NOT take a death call because of this stupid hand.

no love, jen
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Stupid Pathologist pushing the gurney out of the freezer all fast and unprofessionally and smashing my hand against the wall. Ironic that this body was small, and I got injured transporting her. Anyway, I just hope I haven't broken anything because my knuckles kind of cracked and, well it's fucking bruised:

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So shitty day. Started out good--saw Fired Up--but went downhill from there when my dad and sister were being jerks when I went over to do laundry. Have a cavity in one of my teeth that is hurting like a bitch, and no money to fix it. Hafta pay my taxes, hafta pay my electric and internet from last month, which will put me behind this month, hafta pay $50 to renew my license plate by the end of the month. Fucking money.

Still in a pissy mood because of it all.

Ever have one of those days where you just want to smack everyone who talks to you?
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So I called in today for the first time at the funeral home. The combination of having no caffiene/going to bed at 4am just wasn't mixing well and I would have seemed drunk at this funeral. Yeah, so then pyro calls and bribes me with diet coke--she's been hanging out with my mom too much apparently--to go over and watch a LOTRs marathon with her. I'm never going to turn down LOTRs, no matter where it is, but damn it now I have to get dressed and pack the computer! Because you all know i'm damn inseperable from it now that I have it back.
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Computer broke. Don`t have the $129 to fix it. See you guys in a few fucking months. The universe hates me.
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Billy Talent merch still isn't here. Not that I've been checking every day even though I knew it wouldn't be there in the hopes of a miracle or anything. And I definitely wouldn't have set my alarm a couple times for the same reason.