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So I haven't updated this in a while, but that's mostly because rl has been stressful as fuck. Work has kept me busy (tis the season for sad situations like you wouldn't believe :/). I've become distant with a few of you for various reasons, but I just wanted to wish you all a happy holidays and new year, because no matter what's gone down this past year I care about each and every person I follow on here. And if you guys ever need to talk, you can pm me or comment on any of my entries here or lj.

But anyway, I'll try to keep this updated with rl stuff though.

Lately it's just been dealing with the fallout of my sister eloping with the new guy--which sent my parents each into their own depression and made my mom's health problems worse. On the plus side, Tosh actually seems happy with this guy? I don't know, not holding my breath.

In other news, I'm going to try to go back to school in January. Funerary archeology here I come!
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That awesome moment when you work something out with a friend that was just a big misunderstanding and all is right with the world again.

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Man On A Ledge was predictable, but good. Jamie Bell continues to be a life ruiner. Also, this migraine I've had for the last two days needs to gtfo.

My sister is coming down to visit tomorrow, and she'll be here for a week, so I may not be online all that much. Aim has been fucking up lately too, and I haven't been getting IMs on my phone because it keeps saying I'm online when I'm not, so I'm sorry if you guys have been trying to get ahold of me. If this shit continues I'm taking the mobile off this weekend, but I like having it there for emergencies so aim better get their shit together. You guys can always reach me here or on my tumblr. Thanks to the people who contacted me on my tumblr to let me know it was being whack.
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So I found a ton of stuff I forgot I owned while cleaning my room, so I suppose it's good my sister is visiting this Thursday. That said, this combined with helping my mom's friend plan her own funeral arrangements after learning she has a brain tumor will keep me a bit afk more than I have been. I apologize in advance, PLEASE FORGIVE ME YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!

Also, Andrew Scott needs to stop making me want to watch Sherlock. Benedict's face makes me gag, I'm not even kidding. But Andrew with his stupid face and his stupid accent and his stupid villainous ways. URGH.

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Ugh had to buy a new phone this morning though because my battery wasn't holding a charge so I am now brok sooner than I was expecting. I told my mom if she wants me to keep taking her places she needs to start paying for gas, which I hate doing, but I can't afford it otherwise.
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ah holiday dinners with the family. gpoy right now. I'll be online in a bit hopefully once I've done my community service socializing.

In other news--my toe is starting to feel like a toe again rather than a raging heartbeat of pain!
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My mom is freaking out since this migraine hasn’t gone away for like a week and claims that since the pain is just on one side of my head that I must have a brain tumor. I’m pretty chill since I know there would be other signs than just this if that were the case, but I’m going to go to the friggin doctor despite my hatred for the place to put her at ease.

On to my reason for posting—does anyone know of any home remedies for migraines/headaches? Willing to try anything at this point.

Anyway, going to lay down while she's at the dentist and I can actually get some sleep.
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All the awards to Iain in the finale of The Fades. Fucking amazing. And Natalie was so effing gorgeous it's unfair.

Yesterday was basically the worst day ever because of a lot of things, but I promise it wasn't anything to do with any of you--mostly shit with my mom--so please forgive me for not being on aim. Hopefully today will be better. Crossing my fingers.
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Trish pointed out that I've been sick a lot lately, but I promise I'm not some sicky or trying to avoid you guys. I just want you to know that it's the stress of everything going on with my mom/lack of sleep that comes with it that's been knocking me on my ass and giving me migraines. Iluguys.

Now on to the update about my mom--her iron was low yesterday, so they pumped her with pure iron, potent shit, and then when they did her blood tests this morning her iron was even lower. So they are now thinking that she has some internal bleeding, and they can't locate where. My mom's scared, my dad is scared, hell I'm scared, because internal bleeding? You can't exactly slap a band-aid on that and call it good, and if they don't find it in time? So yeah, if I avoid talking to you on aim please don't take it personally, it's just because I'm freaking out and not feeling social. Again, it has nothing to do with anything any of you have done--I love you all, and I'm grateful (you have no idea how much) for your support/comfort.
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Mom's going back in for surgery on Friday, but this time they're just taking a look and if the stents are messed up the next step is open-heart surgery. She's spent almost all day every day and night passing out, and it's taking its tole on my dad and I to take care of her. I love her, but it's stressful as hell.

She 'had a feeling' she should get more life insurance recently, and unfortunately she's usually very intuitive about things like this, so I'm bracing myself for the inevitable. This week she wants to go in and make funeral plans.

Bishop (LDS equivalent of a Priest or parish leader) called and asked to meet with me for a few minutes this week, probably to discuss why I haven't gone to church for the last year. But honestly? I don't have the energy to get up and deal with church on top of everything else, and Sundays are ironically busy days for the funeral business. Idk why since he's practically family, but I'm nervous to talk to him.

Oh and I'm afraid my sinus infection is returning if the headache I have atm is any indication.

So yes, life has been stressful lately, and I apologize if I take it out on any of you.
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So I had to cancel my own doctor's appointment this morning because the stents aren't working again and my mom isn't getting enough oxygen so she keeps passing out. My dad has to go to work, and I don't dare leave her alone. So I get to take care of her while feeling like shit myself.

I guess if my face doesn't unswell I'll go to urgent care tonight, but my ear was leaking last night which is NEVER A GOOD SIGN, so I can't put it off for much longer.

I'm worried about her. The next step is open-heart surgery, and I honestly don't think she would survive that with everything else she's got going on.
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Mom's second heart surgery is tomorrow, and I'm nervous as hell. Please send your love/prayers/good thoughts, etc.?

Also, livejournal can you please send me my notifs?


Sep. 15th, 2010 12:17 pm
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Mom woke me up after I pulled a near-all nighter thanks to her BS, to get her a smoothie at McDonald's.  Their machine was still broken, so the trip was for nothing.  Me:

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Hey dad? Your hypocrisy is showing again.
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My mom randomly announced that I’d make a good nurse if I wasn’t afraid of blood, to which I laughed my ass off and replied, “You do remember I work at a mortuary, right? Accident scenes and suicides have blood, mom, and I work with them every day. You’re thinking of your other daughter.” It was just so out of the blue for her to say.
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Took my mom out to breakfast this morning, which was okay except that she kept asking me questions about how I'm doing and stuff. I guess she's worried because I was so stressed out about her surgery, but hello mom--you were the one talking like you were going to die.

In other news, I started reading House of Leaves and I'm loving it so far. It reminds me of some of Stephen King's stuff--which is in no way a complaint.

I gush about Logan Lerman with guns. )

Randomly, tomorrow I move the rest of my crap out of my apartment so that I'm finally over at my parents' house and can start saving money. I love them to death, but I miss being on my own already. Wish cars didn't cost money.
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I wish people would stop posting/linking me to awesome videos I want to fucking watch, especially when I've told them I can't watch videos. I hate that even after offering to fucking pay for it, my dad won't upgrade his slow-ass internet so I miss out on half of what everyone is talking about. It's just like having my stupid computer all over again. DNW.

Can this fucking day be over already?
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So my mom got the flu yesterday, which means we didn't go out to dinner, but that's okay because I wasn't feeling good either. She's also having more heart issues but had to cancel her check up (which was scheduled for yesterday afternoon) since she was puking. Worried Jen is worried.

I hope I'm not getting the flu, because I've had a constant nauseating headache and my body has been aching. Ugh DNW.

One of the ladies I work with is off for vacation this week, so I get to play secretary and answer phones during the day. Percy!muse would be excited by this, except that I write him and that would just be weird. In other news--had a Percy/Annabeth/Luke dream last night thanks to crazy chat!talk. I both love and hate you guys.

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Finally watched Supernatural and fucking loved it. Trickster episodes are always fun though ♥ I'm actually kind of looking forward to a 6th season now, because every week the episodes have been getting better and better. I can haz Adam as a regular next season plz? There are so many ways they could easily write it and make that happen now.

Things have been quiet irl. Only got one death call this weekend so far, but Tosh is out of town visiting her fiance so she let me use her car for the weekend as long as I pick her up from the airport on Monday. Don't know how I'm going to get my car into the shop Monday morning since my dad has to work, but I guess I'll figure it out.

If her soon-to-be husband gets stationed over seas I get to work out a payment plan with her to keep her car. So here's hoping they get sent to Italy like most of the other guys in his unit. I can already see her marriage ending badly but it's one of those 'her mistake to make' things, so I've given up on trying to open her eyes to it. Who knows, maybe I'll be wrong and they'll be happy. I sure hope that's the case. Irritating as she can be, I don't wish heartbreak on my little sis. Family is important, after all.

Speaking of, my mom seems to be doing a little bit better, but I'll know more when I go over there later today.

Bought some new jeans yesterday so the jeans crisis of 2010 was averted!

Watched a discover channel show about the body farm with my dad and I guess I kept making weird faces, because he asked me what was wrong. I realized then that as they showed the decomps, I could smell it as if I was there just because I've been around it so much for work, and that's why I was making faces. Sense memory or whatever, lmfao.
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The surgery went okay, but my mom's back home now and not in the best shape. Apparently they made her wait 4 hours before actually doing the surgery, and then the surgeon didn't even talk to my dad so he's ticked about that. Hopefully it won't take my mom long to recover.

Also, it's randomly snowing here.