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1-16 Watchmen Movie
17-34 Matthew Goode (various)
35-39 Terminator: Salvation
40 David Boreanaz & Stephen Moyer
41-42 Sebastian Stan
43-53 My Chemical Romance/Frank Iero
54 Ellen Page
55-56 Olivia Wilde
57-62 Summer Glau


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1-27 In The Land Of Women
28-36 True Blood (Godric/Eric)
37-49 Undertow
50-58 Jamie Bell
59-83 Douglas Neitzke
84-106 Frank Iero
107-113 Rasputina
114-117 Hellblazer


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The Truth About Heaven: An Angel!Ash/Eddie fanmix for Electus Trucido.

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1-10 Emily Blunt & Olivia Wilde
11-18 Jennifer's Body (Adam Brody)
19-35 My Chemical Romance
36-63 Billy Talent
64-92 Bif Naked

+ 7 banners (Billy Talent; Bif Naked)


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1-3 entries for [ profile] antonstills
4-13 Anton Yelchin
14-20 Ben Kowalewicz
21-31 MCR/Frank Iero
32-37 The Haunting In Connecticut
38-47 The Uninvited
48-53 Mia Wasikowkska
54-63 Just Friends
64-69 Hallam Foe
70-90 KStew/Twilight


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I didn't need a reminder of how OTP they are, but it made my night in an epic way <3
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1 Cursed
2-5 TSCC: Sarah/Kyle
6-19 Charlie Bartlett
20-33 RPG icon dump (includes Jamie Bell, Frank Iero, Majandra Delfino, Alona Tal, Chris Pine, Melissa George, Christina Ricci, Anton Yelchin)

[+ 2 TSCC: Sarah/Kyle banners]


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Nothing Like You And I: An Eddie Toloni & Ashton Crick fanmix Electus Trucido.

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I Don't Love You: a Joe/Elle/Jackson fanmix for Syndicates

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So I went to breakfast with my dad this morning, this guy's shirt says "Official I Love Bella Swan Fanclub Member." Now, I couldn't take that great of a pic because I didn't want him thinking I was a creepy person trying to take pictures of him and his kids, but I did have to double take to make sure that's what his shirt said, because come on, look at him! (Ignore the waitress to the right)

Anyway, going to see Haunting In Connecticut with my dad at 1, so I won't be online until after that.


And oh yeah, for those that haven't seen it already at, here's a picture of intense!Jamie (takes lots of concentration to pull off such a serious character apparently) with dots on his face, sitting next to Gollum:

With only 2 hours of sleep, everything is funny btw.
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1-6 Animated My Chemical Romance
7-19 (+5 more) Jordana Brewster
20-33 Sarah Connor Chronicles (Cameron)
34-52 CSI (Greg Sanders)

+ 4 Frank/Gee sidebar Animations


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1-10 Roswell Season 1 Episode 15
11-30 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
31-40 The Tudors
41 Milo Ventimiglia
42 Heroes - Sylar
43-55 Kate Mara
56-61 James McAvoy
62-63 Frank Iero
64-65 Live On manips + actual manipulation


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1-3 Electus Pairing
4-6 Public Enemies Trailer
7-38 Majandra Delfino
39-58 Angel series finale
59-70 Kings


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MCR explains why no song for Twilight )

lmfaooooo oh Gerard and Frank, trying to be nice.
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So I'm sitting there in the middle of this beautiful Catholic church this morning, helping out with a funeral, and I randomly decide to text Trish. So here's now it went:

Me: Eli: *licks Eddie*
Trish: Eddie: I NEED AN ADULT

And then I busted out laughing in the middle of this funeral because of her Family Guy reference and the mental image of Frank yelling it out.


Mar. 27th, 2009 02:39 pm
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frank you're such a spazz and i love it )

Now if they'd just collaborate in the studio...