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[[My god, livejournal is full of stars.]]

Irony that I just watched that movie this week too. Definitely prefer this header to all the others they've tried so far.

I really hope I'm not catching my mom's cold.
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1-12 The Black Donnellys (episode 11)
13-16 Alice In Wonderland
17-18 Rachel Weisz
19-22 Kristen Stewart
23-29 Scarlett Johansson
30-38 Mia Kirshner
39-54 Clemence Poesy
55-81 True Blood


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I was a puller at a military skeet shoot. Now I work at a mortuary.
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Clarice Starling, but Debra Morgan runs a close second.
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1-3 entries for [ profile] antonstills
4-13 Anton Yelchin
14-20 Ben Kowalewicz
21-31 MCR/Frank Iero
32-37 The Haunting In Connecticut
38-47 The Uninvited
48-53 Mia Wasikowkska
54-63 Just Friends
64-69 Hallam Foe
70-90 KStew/Twilight


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Good. Though I still hate that Gambit's in the movie.
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1-10 Roswell Season 1 Episode 15
11-30 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
31-40 The Tudors
41 Milo Ventimiglia
42 Heroes - Sylar
43-55 Kate Mara
56-61 James McAvoy
62-63 Frank Iero
64-65 Live On manips + actual manipulation


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I pick your body up and get paid to do it.
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Hello suddenly crappy mood. gtfo kthnxbye
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Nope. I know the people I talk to online well enough to totally be myself.