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Ugh had to buy a new phone this morning though because my battery wasn't holding a charge so I am now brok sooner than I was expecting. I told my mom if she wants me to keep taking her places she needs to start paying for gas, which I hate doing, but I can't afford it otherwise.
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WORST HOLIDAY TO BE SICK ON EVER, especially food poisoning, because everyone around me was eating all of these things that are usually delicious. UGH.

By which I mean happy new year, guys.
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Ugh sleep fail. Waking up because I can't breathe and my body decides that coughing is a good alternative? NOT FUN. Also, my throat feels like an open wound >.< This cold can suck my none-existent cock.
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The flames are a street away from my house now. Initiating panic mode. We're still safe but may lose everything.
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Most of you are aware, but for those who might not be, we had to evacuate our home yesterday because of the fire after a mandatory evacuation was initiated for our neighborhood (an evacuation that has moved further in town today as the fire grows). We're staying in Tucson with my asshole uncle, but as my parents' dog fell in the pool and nearly fucking drowned and the puppy just bit their bratty kid who got too close and in her space after we fucking warned her, idk how much longer that's going to last.

Talked to my boss today when my dad and I were allowed an hour to go back and removed his extensive ammo collection from the house so that it didn't endanger the firemen even more--he says he's expecting casualties now that it's jumped the highway, so I'll be going back down tomorrow to stay with a coworker in town so that I can help with that. They usually don't let us in until the fire is %100 contained, but since that doesn't look like it'll happen any time soon they may let us in before. I already volunteered to go in if they need someone to since I'm younger and dnw the old guys getting trapped. So yeah, I may very soon be in the danger zone, but as always I will keep my twitter updated. I have been trying to text but I have so many people worried (which means the world you guys have no idea) that it's just easier to send a text to my twitter, and the networks have been jammed at times because everyone and their mom is texting/calling people. I have also been updating my facebook at times, but it's the edited version since I have very Mormon family following, so the twitter is more accurate.

In side news, Dad and I went to see Green Lantern since we've both been waiting for that movie our entire lives, and it did not disappoint. If my life didn't suck so bad atm I'd fangirl but I just don't have the energy to say more than they did it right.

So basically everything and anything that can go wrong atm is. I appreciate any thoughts/prayers/comments etc. Please don't feel bad if I don't directly reply, I'm just running around atm trying not to lose it completely.

Also, my ex is one of the firefighter's who were called in to fight from Mesa, and he has continued to volunteer for the dangerous jobs. I haven't heard from him since 8am this morning. Yesterday he told me goodbye by telling me he still loves me. So yes, I'm fucking worried about him and all the law enforcement/firemen I work with through the funeral home.
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Trish pointed out that I've been sick a lot lately, but I promise I'm not some sicky or trying to avoid you guys. I just want you to know that it's the stress of everything going on with my mom/lack of sleep that comes with it that's been knocking me on my ass and giving me migraines. Iluguys.

Now on to the update about my mom--her iron was low yesterday, so they pumped her with pure iron, potent shit, and then when they did her blood tests this morning her iron was even lower. So they are now thinking that she has some internal bleeding, and they can't locate where. My mom's scared, my dad is scared, hell I'm scared, because internal bleeding? You can't exactly slap a band-aid on that and call it good, and if they don't find it in time? So yeah, if I avoid talking to you on aim please don't take it personally, it's just because I'm freaking out and not feeling social. Again, it has nothing to do with anything any of you have done--I love you all, and I'm grateful (you have no idea how much) for your support/comfort.
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Bought The Cars new upcoming album, made a few pic spams, tried to convince my brain to let me get caught up on tags and set up some posts, but then aim failed, and my mom passed out again, I think my sinus infection is coming back, and idk I just feel like I'm so full of fail tonight, so I may just crash and spare you all the whining outside of this post.
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Mom's going back in for surgery on Friday, but this time they're just taking a look and if the stents are messed up the next step is open-heart surgery. She's spent almost all day every day and night passing out, and it's taking its tole on my dad and I to take care of her. I love her, but it's stressful as hell.

She 'had a feeling' she should get more life insurance recently, and unfortunately she's usually very intuitive about things like this, so I'm bracing myself for the inevitable. This week she wants to go in and make funeral plans.

Bishop (LDS equivalent of a Priest or parish leader) called and asked to meet with me for a few minutes this week, probably to discuss why I haven't gone to church for the last year. But honestly? I don't have the energy to get up and deal with church on top of everything else, and Sundays are ironically busy days for the funeral business. Idk why since he's practically family, but I'm nervous to talk to him.

Oh and I'm afraid my sinus infection is returning if the headache I have atm is any indication.

So yes, life has been stressful lately, and I apologize if I take it out on any of you.
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I should be sleeping, but I'm too wound up thinking about what I have to do tomorrow, how I have to stay professional and show no emotion doing it, and how tired I'm going to be after. I just hope I can keep it together around her mom. She doesn't need me weeping on her with everyone else.

I haven't really cried about it. Teared up talking about it, but haven't really cried. I bet it'll hit me at the worst possible moment tomorrow. fml.


Sep. 15th, 2010 12:17 pm
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Mom woke me up after I pulled a near-all nighter thanks to her BS, to get her a smoothie at McDonald's.  Their machine was still broken, so the trip was for nothing.  Me:

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So my 2-day migraine of death went away, but now I have a horrible cold. DNW.
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Hey dad? Your hypocrisy is showing again.
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I wish people would stop posting/linking me to awesome videos I want to fucking watch, especially when I've told them I can't watch videos. I hate that even after offering to fucking pay for it, my dad won't upgrade his slow-ass internet so I miss out on half of what everyone is talking about. It's just like having my stupid computer all over again. DNW.

Can this fucking day be over already?
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So I called in sick today since I still felt like shit. Ugh gtfo germs. Bbl, going back to bed.
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So Greg from work has taken Lillian for now, and says he'll keep her until he can either find a home for her or get her to one of the no-kill shelters in Tucson. While I'm glad Lillian will survive and be given to a happy home, damn it feels good to be a gangsta I miss my cuddly cat ;_; So if I'm mopey/emo that's why.

Someday, when I live in a place where I can have a cat again, I'm adopting from the shelter again in her honor.
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Car trouble = not happy Jen.

Getting back into my obsession with Egyptian mythology = slightly less angry Jen who remembers most of the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet.
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So I feel really gross today. Migraine and upset tummy, and I'm not sure if this is because of the drastic change in the weather outside--I sometimes get horrible sinus headaches when storms rush in--or if I'm catching something. I've made sure I've eaten today and drank lots of water, so it can't be that. Ugh, I just want to feel better again.
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Dear car trouble,
Stop getting in the way of work kthanx.
No love, Jen
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Still sick. Was going to drive to the airport for work tonight, and I stayed in bed all day hoping I'd feel up to it, but it just wasn't happening. Would not have made it to Tucson and back. I'm convinced this is the flu instead of a virus though because of how achy I feel. I didn't sleep very good last night and ended up waking up early this morning unable to go back to sleep for like two hours. I got online and caught up on my tags, but I was just feeling like shit so I've been in bed ever since.

At least I'm not throwing up anymore I guess.

Have one diet coke left in the fridge, but I feel way too crappy to go buy more, so I'm expecting a caffeine withdrawal migraine soon too. Boo my habit of drinking so much soda.

Been thinking about rereading the Harry Potter books lately, but I'm not sure I want to. I mean, I've grown up a lot since I first read them--what if I find them lame this time around? That would suck since I really do love the books. Anyway, I'm going to go lay down for a while and will hopefully be back later.