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Talked my coworker into watching Dead Bodies since it's on netflix and the first thing he said about Andrew (after only a couple of scenes mind you) was 'fuck, he looks like he could be a Supernatural demon or a psycho in real life.'  And then we watched Flatliners (which is one of my favorite movies) and marveled at how very John Constantine Kiefer is in it.
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1-29 Being Human (US)
30-36 John Constantine (Hellblazer)
37-84 Hard Core Logo/Callum Keith Rennie (various)
85-99 Third Watch
100-105 Southland


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Finally watched the No Ordinary Family pilot (NO ONE TOLD ME OFFICER BRENDAN FINNEY WAS ON THIS SHOW--JOSH STEWART IS AMAZING OKAY!!!). It was as good as I thought it would be, and it's awesome to see a tv show that's family-centered. I mean, don't get me wrong I love my badass ninja!McGarrett/smooth!Danno kicking ass every week, and I thoroughly enjoy Damon Salvatore walking across my screen, but this show has a message that a lot of them don't have today, and I like that.

Didn't sleep last night at all since I slept most of yesterday thanks to that migraine. Hopefully I will be able to actually do tags today *crosses fingers* I apologize to those I've been lagging on!

Anyway, random sleep fail called for an Allen/Astrid gif (it's becoming tradition if I can't sleep), especially after I watched a bunch of Farscape:

Astrid: It's not your job to save everyone!
Allen: No one else will.


So basically when I can't sleep I have Farscape marathons and read Hellblazer.

I'm having a really good day so far. :)
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This sick and migrainey feeling needs to gtfo.

My mom called me about 76786785423 times today asking if I was coming over, and after the night I had last night over there I just had to keep making up excuses. I just wasn't in a hurry to get back over there and be reminded that my moving out made their lives more difficult.

Had random inspiration to work on The Link this morning at 4am, but it went away before I got anything done. Writing those books used to consume my attention completely. I mean, I almost failed English because I worked on them instead, but these days I just can't get the inspiration. Anyone know of anything that might help?

Been rereading early Hellblazer issues (dled 1-100 thanks to [ profile] doctorsidrat @ [ profile] comicunity) but can't seem to find anything after that anywhere since the links after that are all dead :\ so if anyone knows of where I can download 101 on of Hellblazer (preferably in zips of bulk to make it easier than individual issues, but at this point I'll take anything) please let me know!

Ugh mom just called again. Mandatory family dinner tiem. I may not be in the best mood when I get back :[

Randomly tiny penis:
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1-30 New Moon (theatrical trailer - SPOILERS)
31-44 Hellblazer
45-55 James D'Arcy (Rise: Blood Hunter)
56-61 Pearl Harbor
62-69 Red Wolves

+ 6 New Moon Sidebar Animations
+ 6 Banners (James D'Arcy, Ewan McGregor, Matthew Goode)


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Damned: A John Constantine/Hellblazer Fanmix (graphics for each song - focusing on the first 45 issues)

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1-10 Hellblazer Comics
11-20 Deborah Ann Woll
21-45 Defiance
46-52 Saints & Soldiers
53-57 Emma Roberts
58-60 Emma Watson

+ 3 Hellblazer Banners
+ 2 True Blood desktops (Eric/Godric)


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So my mom called and woke me up at the crack of dawn today needing me to help her run some errands, but the good news is that she bought me some diet coke. That woman wins at bribery, I swear.

I just wish this icky flu-like feeling I've been having the last two days would gtfo. I thought at first it was just the cold, but idk anymore. I felt horrible driving back from Tucson for work yesterday.

Anyway, while you're rebooting the Fantastic Four (for the love of everything sane recast Sue please!) can we get a redo of Ghost Rider and Daredevil too? idk who has the rights, but of all the super hero movies to reboot, the Fantastic Four ones aren't exactly the worst that were made, so let's focus on the adaptations that were more fail please.

And I would fucking kill to see a good Hellblazer movie since reboots are all the rage these days. DO IT RIGHT ALREADY.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go lay down for a while and see if my stomach calms down. I'll be online in a bit.
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New Hellblazer layout.

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All Your Demons: A Hellblazer fanmix
(IMAGE HEAVY -- includes comic graphics for each song. And, cuz I'm curious, please let me know which one is your fave.)

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Ummmmm. Team!Misha and Kripke? WIN.

EM: One last thing I was most curious about was would Castiel be getting a wardrobe change or will he continue to dress like a ‘holy tax accountant’?

M: “Kripke wanted to base the look of the character on the comic book character ‘Constantine’ I don’t know if I’m ever going to change clothes. Maybe they will eventually be worn to tatters and I will morph from “holy tax accountant” to “holy homeless guy.”

Yeah, cuz I needed one more frakking reason to worship you, Kripke, you had to go and create my new favorite character after my all time favorite character. You are WIN. And for the record? I did notice it right away and scared my dad by screaming out "JOHN CONSTANTINE SAVED DEAN!"

thank you [ profile] darkspectre for informing me that what I noticed was not an accident lol!

Also? READ IT. Misha's sarcastic answers are also win!
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So I 'napped' for like 5 1/2 hours today after work. I just...don't feel good for some reason. Woke up with a migraine on top of that. This sucks cuz tomorrow's my day off.

Not so randomly, for those who might be waiting for my Dark Knight/Iron Man/The Hulk reviews, fear not--I'll be making an epic nerdy post of doom soonish. I just wanted to wait for everyone to see them first, since lj is stupid in not keeping cuts when you look at your lj inbox, and I know I would totally have shanked someone if they had spoiled any of those movies for me.

Beth's at comicon this week, which makes me both excited and insanely jealous, but I'm going to see Dark Knight again on saturday and spending the weekend with my parents since it's my dad's birthday, so all is well.

Going to spend tomorrow (if I'm feeling better) reading comics (Umbrella Academy, Watchmen, The Spirit, Sandman, and, of course, Hellblazer) and cleaning the house, so for those on aim if I'm not responsive that's why. I'm really hoping with all of these darker comic book movies lately, that they'll take another real crack at Hellblazer. Cast Garrett Hedlund as John and Colin Farrell as Stanley please, kthnxbye.

Also, did you guys hear? The guy that wrote the Tropic Thunder screenplay is writing Iron Man 2 lulz! And Rymer is working on Witchblade <3
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+ 35 Jumper//Jamie Bell
(including Griffin/Sophie)
+ 34 Garrett Hedlund//Garrett as John Constantine//Four Brothers
+ 20 Hellblazer covers
+ 44 Robert Downey Jr., Edward Norton, The Hulk/Iron Man (including animated mini movies)
+ 33 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang//Fight Club
+ 166 Icons Total
+ 5 desktops, 1 colorbar, 9 headers/banners, and one Hellblazer fan movieposter


(The Rest)

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My new default Hellblazer icon is hot.

That is all.
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[ profile] sp_iconiness has an awesome Hellblazer layout now and I have a new RDJ moodtheme to match my layout!
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Just got back from buying these two collections:

I'm way excited, because I've only read random issues of the Highwater arch, so this'll be awesome to finally get all of it!
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Clarice: Talk to me, John
John: Dead girlfriends, Clarice
Clarice: Ah. Your favourite drug.
John: And magic.
Clarice: Your favourite fuck.

Just got back from seeing Hellboy II. Yeah, I actually saw a movie on time for the first time this year :P Anyway, without spoiling, lemme just say i can't wait for Hellboy III because of the storylines they've set up.

Oh yeah, and now I'm really itching for a good Hellblazer movie, which I want Guillermo del Toro to direct and/or write the screenplay for. Too bad he's busy with The Hobbit atm.
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Why isn't there a community for Hellblazer comic icons yet?