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I'm really not interested in arguing, because even as nice as this plan may be for some people it's fucking screwing me over, so comments are turned off. cut for those who want to avoid politics.

How Obamacare affects ME )
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Tragic before and after pics by albiolright. I think this puts it into perspective for anyone who thought we were joking when we said this shit burned half of our town.



It literally burned two houses away from mine. Over 40 people lost their homes, and at least three major businesses. So for anyone who thought we were over-reacting or exaggerating (AKA MY ASSHOLE UNCLE & some news stations) fuck you, these last two weeks were hell!
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Hey dad? Your hypocrisy is showing again.
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I wish people would stop posting/linking me to awesome videos I want to fucking watch, especially when I've told them I can't watch videos. I hate that even after offering to fucking pay for it, my dad won't upgrade his slow-ass internet so I miss out on half of what everyone is talking about. It's just like having my stupid computer all over again. DNW.

Can this fucking day be over already?
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Wow. How very mature of you.
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[[Bye bitch.]]

I really was living under that illusion, I'll admit it. I thought maybe, just maybe you'd pull your head out of your ass and apologize for real, but this was the final nail in your coffin. So sick of your passive-aggressive bullshit, so goodbye.

I had to brag too.
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Car trouble = not happy Jen.

Getting back into my obsession with Egyptian mythology = slightly less angry Jen who remembers most of the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet.