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So I think my sprained ankle is worse than I originally thought...ugh. it's swollen and painful.
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ah holiday dinners with the family. gpoy right now. I'll be online in a bit hopefully once I've done my community service socializing.

In other news--my toe is starting to feel like a toe again rather than a raging heartbeat of pain!
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So it turns out they stick a needle in the nerves multiple times to numb it before removing a toenail. I cried like a baby, negl. I've never felt pain like that in my life. But there was morphine in the shot so I'm feeling good now and hopefully will the rest of the day. Going to try to get some sleep now since the pain had me up all night.
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So I woke up to go to the bathroom and stumbled in the dark and not only caught my toenail on the edge of something, but kept walking until it nearly ripped off. It's literally there at the edge of my skin on the base of the nail, and I cut half of it but that's all I could manage before I was crying like a baby, and now I can't go back to sleep because even though I took extra strength tylenol it's throbbing like a bitch. Just UGH.

And Percy looks like he's getting buttraped in this moodtheme icon lulz

ETA: Well I managed to be somewhat productive through the annoying pain.
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So I had to cancel my own doctor's appointment this morning because the stents aren't working again and my mom isn't getting enough oxygen so she keeps passing out. My dad has to go to work, and I don't dare leave her alone. So I get to take care of her while feeling like shit myself.

I guess if my face doesn't unswell I'll go to urgent care tonight, but my ear was leaking last night which is NEVER A GOOD SIGN, so I can't put it off for much longer.

I'm worried about her. The next step is open-heart surgery, and I honestly don't think she would survive that with everything else she's got going on.
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My headache needs to gtfo. It's not as bad as it was last night, but it's lingering.

I bought Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars last night on amazon, but like a moron forgot to change the 'send stuff as it becomes available I want it now!' so I have to wait until March when my preordered Hellblazer Vol 1 comes >.< Anyway, my main reason for linking is that for anyone looking to get into Hellblazer, this will be a good (affordable) way to start!
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Saw Skyline today. It was okay, but not the best movie in the world. Granted you can only make a movie like Independence Day once in a lifetime so I wasn't expecting much. The special effects were cool though. It reminded me a lot of Cloverfield. I need to not have Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson (she could be Olivia Wilde's sister) muses though!

My first two seasons of Third Watch came today too--so I need to figure out how to make screencaps since no one makes them anymore!

Ugh, slept until almost noon and my headache STILL didn't go away--the flashing lights from Skyline didn't help of course. Going to lay down again and see if it helps.
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So I feel sick again today, which is uncool. I think I'm not eating enough, slipping back into old habits, but it's not something I do on purpose. Will probably nap when I get home in an hour.

Couldn't even read any of Catching Fire or Everworld today, because every time I tried my migraine wouldn't let me focus.
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So my 2-day migraine of death went away, but now I have a horrible cold. DNW.
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So I called in sick today since I still felt like shit. Ugh gtfo germs. Bbl, going back to bed.
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So my mom got the flu yesterday, which means we didn't go out to dinner, but that's okay because I wasn't feeling good either. She's also having more heart issues but had to cancel her check up (which was scheduled for yesterday afternoon) since she was puking. Worried Jen is worried.

I hope I'm not getting the flu, because I've had a constant nauseating headache and my body has been aching. Ugh DNW.

One of the ladies I work with is off for vacation this week, so I get to play secretary and answer phones during the day. Percy!muse would be excited by this, except that I write him and that would just be weird. In other news--had a Percy/Annabeth/Luke dream last night thanks to crazy chat!talk. I both love and hate you guys.

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+ Woke up today with a horrible stomach cramp. In fact I had a dream I'd been stabbed where it was hurting, that's how bad it was.

+ Car wouldn't start so I had to jump it with the portable charger my dad bought me, which worked eventually but still took forever. Have to take it into the shop tomorrow and figure out what the fuck keeps ruining these batteries. Good thing it's my sister's day off so she can take me.

+ Mom is getting surgery tomorrow and even though it's noninvasive I'm still hella worried. Thanks to my job I've seen the worst possible outcome from "simple procedures," but if all goes well it should really help her feel a lot better.

+ Thank you to everyone who talked me through my emo. Left most of the comments screened, but you angels know who you are, and you ain't Charlie's.

+ Feeling way nostalgic and missing Buffy & Angel lately. I WANT MY SHOWS BACK!

+ Just cuz:
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Sinus headaches need to go away. They make my entire face hurt, not just my head, and it's not even storming outside so I don't know where this is coming from.
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I really hope that these pains I've been getting in my stomach the last few days aren't my appendix.
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So I feel really gross today. Migraine and upset tummy, and I'm not sure if this is because of the drastic change in the weather outside--I sometimes get horrible sinus headaches when storms rush in--or if I'm catching something. I've made sure I've eaten today and drank lots of water, so it can't be that. Ugh, I just want to feel better again.
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So forced family fun will take most of my evening today and day tomorrow since tomorrow is my parents' anniversary and we're all going out to dinner after seeing New Moon (my mom's idea). This would all be fine and dandy if I didn't physically feel like shit. I seriously need to go somewhere and find out how much twin beds cost, because this waking up with a migraine every day thing needs to stop.
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So I injured my knee. I have no idea how or when, but it was aching the entire night, so on top of feeling nauseous I spent the entire night cradling my knee like a crying baby just wishing it would stop hurting. Got a brace for it today and some icey hot pads since I kind of need my knee to work so that I can work.

Sorry for crashing last night guys, didn't feel good at all--still don't with the added knee pain. Ugh wth body. Anyway, I'll be around later for sure.
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It's storming outside and I feel like I'm getting the flu. I do have two visitations in the next couple of days though so yay for work.

And why hasn't anyone posted the True Blood score yet? It came out today and I expected it to leak before that but it never did!
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Ugh infected tooth that's giving me a migraine needs to gtfo. I laid for about half an hour last night after brushing my teeth just waiting for it to stop aching and it only did after I took some ibuprofen. So I guess I'm calling the dentist tomorrow and getting an emergency appointment. I can't funking think straight with my tooth throbbing. tysvm childhood anorexia for stealing the enamel from my teeth and making them forever vulnerable to things like this no matter how much I brush them.

If it were up to me I'd rip em all out and get fake ones.

ETA: Dad called the Dentist and got my an appointment for tuesday morning, and the dentist gave me a prescription of antibiotics and vicodin. whoo hoo!