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Man On A Ledge was predictable, but good. Jamie Bell continues to be a life ruiner. Also, this migraine I've had for the last two days needs to gtfo.

My sister is coming down to visit tomorrow, and she'll be here for a week, so I may not be online all that much. Aim has been fucking up lately too, and I haven't been getting IMs on my phone because it keeps saying I'm online when I'm not, so I'm sorry if you guys have been trying to get ahold of me. If this shit continues I'm taking the mobile off this weekend, but I like having it there for emergencies so aim better get their shit together. You guys can always reach me here or on my tumblr. Thanks to the people who contacted me on my tumblr to let me know it was being whack.
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FUCK FUCK FUCK. I need to be catching up on H50, Crash, Lost Girl, and Supernatural, not getting into the Justified and Fringe fandoms. BUT I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THE FLAWLESS ACCENTS IN JUSTIFIED. WHY IS IT HOT WHEN THEY TALK LIKE THAT, BUT NOT WHEN PEOPLE AROUND HERE IRL DO.
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If you're not watching The Cape, you should be.

and it's basically the lovechild of The Black Donnelly's (David Lyons could be Jonathan Tucker's brother)/Carnivale/Burton's Batman movies.

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Also, my SGA DVDs came in the mail today, so along with watching Farscape I WILL BE WATCHING ALL FIVE SEASONS OF SGA!!!!
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So I've been watching Persons Unknown at [ profile] bugchicklv's recommendation, and HOLY SHIT LOVING IT! One complaint though (I'm only on episode 4, so hopefully this will be addressed) CAN JOE AND JANET FUCK ALREADY!?
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So my mom got the flu yesterday, which means we didn't go out to dinner, but that's okay because I wasn't feeling good either. She's also having more heart issues but had to cancel her check up (which was scheduled for yesterday afternoon) since she was puking. Worried Jen is worried.

I hope I'm not getting the flu, because I've had a constant nauseating headache and my body has been aching. Ugh DNW.

One of the ladies I work with is off for vacation this week, so I get to play secretary and answer phones during the day. Percy!muse would be excited by this, except that I write him and that would just be weird. In other news--had a Percy/Annabeth/Luke dream last night thanks to crazy chat!talk. I both love and hate you guys.

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5 Ships That Should Happen But Never Will Picspam

(Supernatural Spoilers)

@ [ profile] causticammo
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New layout, finally. I love this screencap of Annabeth so much I had to find a new layout I could make a banner for with it ♥ Many thanks to my wonderful capping source!
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Possibly getting a member of Halfblood to watch Misfits after they mentioned that they might use Robert Sheehan for their new badass character? WIN ♥

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The other day when I was at work there was a delay in the fight, so I had five hours to kill (pun intended this time, Beth) and my boss told me to go 'play' since he didn't want me having to drive to Tucson twice in one day. So I got to watch Shutter Island ON THE CLOCK ♥ I really want to read the book now even though I easily guessed the movie's ending (I have a habit of doing that). It was hilarious though because right after the Iron Man 2 trailer some random dude yelled out "I CAN'T WAIT!" I hear ya, buddy, that movie's going to be very kick ass.

Anyway, I have to take my mom shopping later, but I'll be online tonight to catch up on tags/do adds. I never expected this huge of a response to the game, but fuck yeah keep it coming!

I kind of love that this picture was chosen for the 'productive' moodtheme pic in this Matthew Goode moodtheme.
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First let me say this--I don't care that he was under 18 when they filmed it, I would have done him then just like I would now.


They definitely made it a kids movie, but idgaf I fucking love it. Also, potential for OC characters much?
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And just because I can, I made these:
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Griffin from Jumper, because I'm pretty sure he'd skip the date and just get to fucking.