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Oh lj how I've neglected you. Here, have a few superquick movie reviews:

The Avengers: see it before you die no matter the cost. Whedon writing Marvel is inspired.

Prometheus: fucking amazing and an awesome concept for the origin of the aliens. Fassy makes a scary robot.

Snow White and the Huntsman: I love everything about this movie. Some people complained it was too slow, but I loved it for that even, and the score is amazing.

MIB3: Loved it. Epic time travel story of win.

Chernobyl Diaries: lmao stupid as hell but hilarious to make fun of.

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So I found a ton of stuff I forgot I owned while cleaning my room, so I suppose it's good my sister is visiting this Thursday. That said, this combined with helping my mom's friend plan her own funeral arrangements after learning she has a brain tumor will keep me a bit afk more than I have been. I apologize in advance, PLEASE FORGIVE ME YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!

Also, Andrew Scott needs to stop making me want to watch Sherlock. Benedict's face makes me gag, I'm not even kidding. But Andrew with his stupid face and his stupid accent and his stupid villainous ways. URGH.