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That awesome moment when you work something out with a friend that was just a big misunderstanding and all is right with the world again.

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My house did not burn down! There was one lost on our street, but it was about a block south of us. One road east it looks like a bomb was dropped, and I'm not exaggerating. I would have taken pics, but felt weird about taking pics of peoples' destroyed homes after I have so much to be grateful for. The worst of our damage is some mild smoke damage and having to throw everything in the fridge out since the power's been out. Thank you so much to everyone who has kept me and mine constantly in their thoughts and prayers. We're not out of the woods yet, but for the first time things are looking up!
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In other news, the trailers before for Cowboys & Aliens, Captain America, and Green Lantern gave me funny feelings in my pants. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SUMMER YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA.
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FUCK FUCK FUCK. I need to be catching up on H50, Crash, Lost Girl, and Supernatural, not getting into the Justified and Fringe fandoms. BUT I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THE FLAWLESS ACCENTS IN JUSTIFIED. WHY IS IT HOT WHEN THEY TALK LIKE THAT, BUT NOT WHEN PEOPLE AROUND HERE IRL DO.
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Finally watched the No Ordinary Family pilot (NO ONE TOLD ME OFFICER BRENDAN FINNEY WAS ON THIS SHOW--JOSH STEWART IS AMAZING OKAY!!!). It was as good as I thought it would be, and it's awesome to see a tv show that's family-centered. I mean, don't get me wrong I love my badass ninja!McGarrett/smooth!Danno kicking ass every week, and I thoroughly enjoy Damon Salvatore walking across my screen, but this show has a message that a lot of them don't have today, and I like that.

Didn't sleep last night at all since I slept most of yesterday thanks to that migraine. Hopefully I will be able to actually do tags today *crosses fingers* I apologize to those I've been lagging on!

Anyway, random sleep fail called for an Allen/Astrid gif (it's becoming tradition if I can't sleep), especially after I watched a bunch of Farscape:

Astrid: It's not your job to save everyone!
Allen: No one else will.


So basically when I can't sleep I have Farscape marathons and read Hellblazer.

I'm having a really good day so far. :)
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If you're not watching The Cape, you should be.

and it's basically the lovechild of The Black Donnelly's (David Lyons could be Jonathan Tucker's brother)/Carnivale/Burton's Batman movies.

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Also, my SGA DVDs came in the mail today, so along with watching Farscape I WILL BE WATCHING ALL FIVE SEASONS OF SGA!!!!
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Interviewer: Will you have to move there [to Hawaii]?
Alex: We will move, yeah. We were sort of gonna move next month…I just looked at you like we’re moving together—
Scott: Yeah.
Alex: —this is getting stranger and stranger. We’re gonna move individually, but we’re all gonna be there.

ilu tumblr. The best part is her tags for this post--click image for the link! JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY ALEX AND SCOTTY!
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On vacation in MA, visiting Beth, and I just realized how weird it was to go through a weekend without picking up a dead person. My life has become constantly being on call and loving it lmfao. There is something seriously wrong with me.

Oh well, it's nice to just sit around and relax. Tomorrow we're checking out Boston and seeing Demetri Martin.
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Started exercising today for police officer training. Holy shit I'm out of shape! Anyway, I took my parents' dog with me as motivation (he never walks, only runs) and it started raining when we were a few blocks away. Since I love rain, I took my time getting back. It was actually pretty neat.

Hi asthma. I did not miss you.

In other news, the Persons Unknown score is EPIC. *LISTENS*
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Just got back from getting my hair cut and dyed. A major storm decided to sneak in while the color was setting in, so it was pouring by the time I ran to my car! GTFO THUNDER, I NEED INTERNET TIME!
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So I finally finished reading Corpse: Nature, Forensics, and the Struggle to Pinpoint Time of Death by Jessica Snyder Sachs. It was incredible If you're at all interested in the dirty details (and I'm talking the real stuff, not what they show on CSI) of decomposition and how scientists determine time of death in murder victims as well as archaeological sites, this book is awesome. It takes you step by step through the history of forensics, starting back when it was laughed at by scientists until today where it's a well respected science. It talks about how far humanity has come--from determining which farmer had murdered another by watching which scythe the flies flocked to, even after it had been cleaned--to today's scientific research and technological advances that allow computers to calculate time of death.

While determining exact time of death is impossible (sorry kids, Horatio lied to you) they have managed to create formulas that allow them to narrow it down to the day just by studying the lifespan of the surrounding insects and plant life. Most of this I already knew since I've had this morbid curiosity since I was a kid, but this book takes it apart and lays it out simply for the less scientific mind to understand. Some of the details are very gruesome, so if you have a low tolerance for that avoid it, but if you don't and manage to get your hands on this book I recommend it!

I can confidently say after reading this and studying the decomposition process that I don't want to be embalmed when I die. I think entomologist Jean Pierre Mégnin said it best:

"In the end nothing rests next to the white bones but a sort of brown earth, finely granular, composed of insect pupal cases...and the excrements of successive generations of insects...thus is accomplished this parable of the scripture: You are dust and unto dust you shall return."

The human body is the most complex and amazing creation ever made, and the decomposition process just further proves it.
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*BRAGS A LITTLE* The others were so damn good I'm honestly surprised I won anything!
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I need to ignore the Carnivàle/Supernatural crossover idea that is brewing in my brain.
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So many reasons to see this movie: Eddie, Sean, Medieval history concerning the Plague. Can't wait!