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“‘Cause I’m just Jenny from the block.”


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[[My god, livejournal is full of stars.]]

Irony that I just watched that movie this week too. Definitely prefer this header to all the others they've tried so far.

I really hope I'm not catching my mom's cold.
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On vacation in MA, visiting Beth, and I just realized how weird it was to go through a weekend without picking up a dead person. My life has become constantly being on call and loving it lmfao. There is something seriously wrong with me.

Oh well, it's nice to just sit around and relax. Tomorrow we're checking out Boston and seeing Demetri Martin.
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My mom randomly announced that I’d make a good nurse if I wasn’t afraid of blood, to which I laughed my ass off and replied, “You do remember I work at a mortuary, right? Accident scenes and suicides have blood, mom, and I work with them every day. You’re thinking of your other daughter.” It was just so out of the blue for her to say.
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Every time I start to miss you, you give me another reason not to. It's awesome.


Apr. 29th, 2010 10:11 pm
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[[LMFAO]] Our tax dollars hard at work.
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Finally watched Supernatural and fucking loved it. Trickster episodes are always fun though ♥ I'm actually kind of looking forward to a 6th season now, because every week the episodes have been getting better and better. I can haz Adam as a regular next season plz? There are so many ways they could easily write it and make that happen now.

Things have been quiet irl. Only got one death call this weekend so far, but Tosh is out of town visiting her fiance so she let me use her car for the weekend as long as I pick her up from the airport on Monday. Don't know how I'm going to get my car into the shop Monday morning since my dad has to work, but I guess I'll figure it out.

If her soon-to-be husband gets stationed over seas I get to work out a payment plan with her to keep her car. So here's hoping they get sent to Italy like most of the other guys in his unit. I can already see her marriage ending badly but it's one of those 'her mistake to make' things, so I've given up on trying to open her eyes to it. Who knows, maybe I'll be wrong and they'll be happy. I sure hope that's the case. Irritating as she can be, I don't wish heartbreak on my little sis. Family is important, after all.

Speaking of, my mom seems to be doing a little bit better, but I'll know more when I go over there later today.

Bought some new jeans yesterday so the jeans crisis of 2010 was averted!

Watched a discover channel show about the body farm with my dad and I guess I kept making weird faces, because he asked me what was wrong. I realized then that as they showed the decomps, I could smell it as if I was there just because I've been around it so much for work, and that's why I was making faces. Sense memory or whatever, lmfao.
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I need to go nap before work. *happy sigh* epic game kept me awake.
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So apparently Lillian's fatness is a topic of discussion at the theater my sister manages. She even made a hilarious doodle that she just texted me. Go ahead and laugh, it's almost accurate: