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So I talked to Greg about work. He calmed me down and seems pretty confident that it shouldn't affect my job, so here's hoping. Sorry for last night, I just sort of couldn't handle it and had a panic attack, but I am fine now I promise.
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I'm really not interested in arguing, because even as nice as this plan may be for some people it's fucking screwing me over, so comments are turned off. cut for those who want to avoid politics.

How Obamacare affects ME )
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Ugh had to buy a new phone this morning though because my battery wasn't holding a charge so I am now brok sooner than I was expecting. I told my mom if she wants me to keep taking her places she needs to start paying for gas, which I hate doing, but I can't afford it otherwise.
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Let my paid account on here expire since tumblr basically let's me do all of this for free, so bare with me while I fix my layout/icons.


Oct. 6th, 2010 07:05 pm
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One of my headlights is broken, so now I get to spend the money I saved up for my trip to see Beth to fix that shit since I drive a lot at night for work.

And now I'm worried more than just the backlight on my laptop is broken, because the keys aren't responding when I hit the sometimes, especially after the computer has been on a while. THIS COMPUTER IS NEW DAMMIT, IT SHOULD NOT BE DOING THIS ALREADY AND I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO REPLACE IT WHEN I HAVEN'T EVEN PAID IT OFF YET!
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Finally watched Supernatural and fucking loved it. Trickster episodes are always fun though ♥ I'm actually kind of looking forward to a 6th season now, because every week the episodes have been getting better and better. I can haz Adam as a regular next season plz? There are so many ways they could easily write it and make that happen now.

Things have been quiet irl. Only got one death call this weekend so far, but Tosh is out of town visiting her fiance so she let me use her car for the weekend as long as I pick her up from the airport on Monday. Don't know how I'm going to get my car into the shop Monday morning since my dad has to work, but I guess I'll figure it out.

If her soon-to-be husband gets stationed over seas I get to work out a payment plan with her to keep her car. So here's hoping they get sent to Italy like most of the other guys in his unit. I can already see her marriage ending badly but it's one of those 'her mistake to make' things, so I've given up on trying to open her eyes to it. Who knows, maybe I'll be wrong and they'll be happy. I sure hope that's the case. Irritating as she can be, I don't wish heartbreak on my little sis. Family is important, after all.

Speaking of, my mom seems to be doing a little bit better, but I'll know more when I go over there later today.

Bought some new jeans yesterday so the jeans crisis of 2010 was averted!

Watched a discover channel show about the body farm with my dad and I guess I kept making weird faces, because he asked me what was wrong. I realized then that as they showed the decomps, I could smell it as if I was there just because I've been around it so much for work, and that's why I was making faces. Sense memory or whatever, lmfao.
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+ Woke up today with a horrible stomach cramp. In fact I had a dream I'd been stabbed where it was hurting, that's how bad it was.

+ Car wouldn't start so I had to jump it with the portable charger my dad bought me, which worked eventually but still took forever. Have to take it into the shop tomorrow and figure out what the fuck keeps ruining these batteries. Good thing it's my sister's day off so she can take me.

+ Mom is getting surgery tomorrow and even though it's noninvasive I'm still hella worried. Thanks to my job I've seen the worst possible outcome from "simple procedures," but if all goes well it should really help her feel a lot better.

+ Thank you to everyone who talked me through my emo. Left most of the comments screened, but you angels know who you are, and you ain't Charlie's.

+ Feeling way nostalgic and missing Buffy & Angel lately. I WANT MY SHOWS BACK!

+ Just cuz:
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Car trouble = not happy Jen.

Getting back into my obsession with Egyptian mythology = slightly less angry Jen who remembers most of the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet.
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cut for pretty )

Possibly getting a member of Halfblood to watch Misfits after they mentioned that they might use Robert Sheehan for their new badass character? WIN ♥

cut for political ranting & if you're going to argue with me about it just don't comment )

The other day when I was at work there was a delay in the fight, so I had five hours to kill (pun intended this time, Beth) and my boss told me to go 'play' since he didn't want me having to drive to Tucson twice in one day. So I got to watch Shutter Island ON THE CLOCK ♥ I really want to read the book now even though I easily guessed the movie's ending (I have a habit of doing that). It was hilarious though because right after the Iron Man 2 trailer some random dude yelled out "I CAN'T WAIT!" I hear ya, buddy, that movie's going to be very kick ass.

Anyway, I have to take my mom shopping later, but I'll be online tonight to catch up on tags/do adds. I never expected this huge of a response to the game, but fuck yeah keep it coming!

I kind of love that this picture was chosen for the 'productive' moodtheme pic in this Matthew Goode moodtheme.
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So today I'm taking my car in to get it fixed finally so that I don't have another accident. I've been trying to figure out why that small accident bothered me so damn much, and I've come to the conclusion that thanks to my job I have seen the worst of the worst situations possible, and every time I drive by that knocked over sign my mind goes through what could have happened. So basically, it's a psychological injury more than anything, and because it's on the corner right by my work place I have to get over it. Hoping this car repair doesn't cost too much. I get paid on Friday, but I have rent to pay too.

It's going to be so nice to be able to set that rent money aside once I move back with the parents. Hopefully I can save up and get a good car. I mean, yeah, it'll suck being back home with the parents, but if it saves me $700/month why not? At least for a while.

Halfway through the second Percy Jackson book and I'm effng loving them. Not only do I get to imagine a younger Logan Lerman and Jake Abel playing their parts, but I've always sort of had a thing for the Greek/Roman gods. I very nearly used them for The Link, but figured with Jason's background that Celtic gods would be a more creative way to go. Once I get these books read (which should be by this weekend at the rate I'm going) I plan on starting Skins series 3 finally. Also giving Merlin a shot since Beth and Ally have raved about it. Ugh, I want Misfits back already though!

Anyway, I need to go grab a shower and take my car in. Wish me cheap repairs!
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Dear car trouble,
Stop getting in the way of work kthanx.
No love, Jen
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Wow, my boss gave me a Christmas card with $250 in it.
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Things need to stop costing money. fml
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So it's just a gum infection, which is good, and I'm going back to get the surrounding teeth deep cleaned tomorrow. Cheaper than getting a crown, so yay for that. And some of the infection seems to be gone, so that's good. Vicodin is awesome since I'm still in a lot of pain.
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Just got back from a particularly exhuasting call, showered, and as I'm sitting here checking my e-mail before going to bed I get ANOTHER call. It's like they want to buy my computer for me.
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MY NEW COMPUTER, in GREEN thanks to [ profile] pyro_monkey17's charitable donation! And I got it on sale, so it was $160 cheaper than regular price! Should be here later this week <333333
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Jen's new computer fund: $100

Yay, I got it started! Anyway, every penny counts, right? Ugh it's stormy outside again, and the news said we're supposed to get electrical storms all week until Thursday. Probably why I've been feeling so sick lately--I think my sinuses are fucking with my head. I can like literally feel my sinuses in my face, they hurt that bad.

Randomly, idek who this fucker is (aside from the fact taht he's in Shiny Toy Guns) but I want to do him:

Gonna work on taken pics since I owe 7867685732 of them.
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Computer news--the good and bad.

So, my dad told me today that if I can make the payments, he'll get me a new computer on his Dell account. This is excellent news because I can get a relatively cheap computer to use for now until I'm rich and famous and can buy a better one! The bad news is that in order to make the payments, I'll probably have to get another job--which I don't want to do, because I like being able to say yes every single time the mortuary calls me for something.

I'm very conflicted. Job I love on one hand, computer that isn't my dad's slow ass laptop on the other. :/

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Also, having a dream in which I'm playing a show with my old band at my old high school, only to get on stage and completely forget how to play my bass is uncool.