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Human: A Stiles Stilinski fanmix/pic spam (SPOILERS)
warning: IMAGE HEAVY

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Worked out again today for 40 minutes this time. I'm starting to understand the euphoria people describe feeling during exercise though I'm still not this lucky. (When I read that article I LOLed at first, then felt bad for the women who have that happen in a gym full of people). I've found that watching Teen Wolf while I work out helps motivate me to keep going for the full 40 minutes, so once I'm done with season 1 streaming, I need to think of a new show to watch instead until season 2 is on netflix. Or maybe I'll stop being lazy and finish season 2 of TVD finally. I've had it sitting on my nightstand forever now. idk why I always forget to watch it cuz season 2 got super intense, but yeah.

Stomach people, what's your recommendation for getting flat?

I've been such a lazy ass my entire life that this is all very new to me, and I'm starting to wonder why I never did this before. I've done sit-ups most of my life and weight lifting from time to time, but never running/walking like this. Not since elementary school when I raced cross-country, but that was lifetimes ago.

Anyway, also got a lot done on my novel, and I'm way psyched about working on it. My photoshop muse also randomly came back, idek.

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So I thought Sunday that my stupid cold was giving me a fever (and I'm talking waking up shaking in a cold sweat fever, not my head's a little warm fever) but it turned out I had the flu. Spent most of Sunday night/Monday morning praying to the porcelain god, finally got to sleep for longer than ten minutes at a time when it slowed down around 3:30am. At this point my ribcage and throat felt like open wounds, and I took some drowsy cold meds to help me sleep, hoping the puking was over. Thankfully it was, but I started feeling nauseated again last night so I went to bed around 7pm. Slept until midnight when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, and I've been watching Rome ever since.

This show, I just...I have so many feels already.

That said, my ribcage still feels like a giant bruise (it was violent throwing up, not the simply gagging nonsense) so I've been trying not to laugh or cough, but the frakking cold is still there despite the flu being gone. Idk how I managed to get everything all at once, I guess the Fates just hate me.

In other news Lockout was brilliant (and will probably be a very underrated movie given the poor advertising for it), and I loved the perfection that was Cabin In The Woods
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So I found a ton of stuff I forgot I owned while cleaning my room, so I suppose it's good my sister is visiting this Thursday. That said, this combined with helping my mom's friend plan her own funeral arrangements after learning she has a brain tumor will keep me a bit afk more than I have been. I apologize in advance, PLEASE FORGIVE ME YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!

Also, Andrew Scott needs to stop making me want to watch Sherlock. Benedict's face makes me gag, I'm not even kidding. But Andrew with his stupid face and his stupid accent and his stupid villainous ways. URGH.

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1-13 Misfits
14-19 VS (Lucas Till)
20-99 Terminator 4 + Fright Night 2011
100-116 American Horror Story (Mostly Tate) SPOILERS


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Why are they not a thing? I totally see them comforting each other after everyone else leaves and they're trapped in that Hellish house after Ben & Violet reject them. A 'settling for what they can have because it's better than being alone' type ship. And yes, I ship Violate too, so calm your shipper hearts xD

I'll stop spamming my friends page with vids now. IT WAS CLEARLY NOT A GOOD IDEA FOR ME TO BUY SVMS FOR CHRISTMAS FOR MYSELF.
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I'm legit proud of this one.

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1-91 American Horror Story (Mostly Tate/Violate) SPOILERS


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1-21 Tom Felton/Harry Potter
22-54 American Horror Story (Tate)
55-107 American Outlaws (Colin Farrell)
108-126 The Hunger Games trailer


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Human Remains: A Tate Langdon Fanmix

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1-7 The Fades (finale - spoilers)
8-30 Misfits (series 2 & 3)
31-45 Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story
46-62 Tom Felton (From The Rough, White Other)
63-84 Like Minds/Criminal Intent & Eddie Redmayne


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Species Information
Set in the fictional New England town of Circleside, [ profile] thefadesrcoming follows a group of Angelics, people with the ability to see the dead, and mortals caught in between their war with The Fades, the dead left behind after Ascension passes them over. Following the events that took place in the UK, new Angelics are being called.

This means that there are people out there with randomly appearing powers who had no idea they've been thrown into a war they never knew was even taking place. More and more mortals are becoming involved as the dead come back and threaten their way of life.

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All the awards to Iain in the finale of The Fades. Fucking amazing. And Natalie was so effing gorgeous it's unfair.

Yesterday was basically the worst day ever because of a lot of things, but I promise it wasn't anything to do with any of you--mostly shit with my mom--so please forgive me for not being on aim. Hopefully today will be better. Crossing my fingers.
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How am I going to survive after next week when this series of The Fades is over? Y U ONLY GIVE ME 6 EPISODES BRITISH TV! If you're not watching, you should be. Natalie Dormer and Joe Dempsie are fucking fantastic in it.
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1-10 Lucas Till
11-18 American Horror Story (Tate)
19-48 Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton
49-67 The Fades
68-106 Footloose (2011) + Kenny Wormald


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Dear self,
even if you wanted to make a game, the fandom is so new that they're introducing new things every week. WAIT UNTIL IT'S FLESHED OUT A BIT FIRST! BE PATIENT.
Love, Jen.

Seriously though, this concept is pretty fucking amazing. It's written by Jack Thorne who wrote my favorite episodes of Skins (UK). PLUS IT HAS LILY LOVELESS AND JOE DEMPSIE. Plus the main character's best friend is a totaly nerd, and I fucking love it.
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1-8 Anna Torv/Fringe
9-18 Centurion
19-27 Pretty Little Liars/Ashley Benson
28-83 X-Men/Lucas Till
84-88 Supernatural (SPOILERS)
89-110 The Secret Circle pilot


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1-89 X-Men: First Class (+ Lucas Till)
90-100 Sebastian Stan
101-137 Ashley Benson/Pretty Little Liars
138-142 Percy Jackson
143-166 Rachel Thevenard (Skins US)


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1-23 Fringe
24-62 The Pacific
63-79 Tron: Legacy (Garrett)
80-101 House (Olivia Wilde)
102-174 Justified (+10 animated)


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