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I'm Still Here: A Marty Roe fanmix/pic spam for Bone Remains rpg
warning: IMAGE HEAVY

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Hands In The Sky: A Generation Kill fanmix/pic spam
warning: IMAGE HEAVY

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So I'm back from my trip to see Beth. Currently decompressing and missing her like whoa, but I promise to pic spam/write about how awesome it was once the jetlag is over!

If you missed it, I did pic spam the Boston Common a little already:

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Just got back from getting my hair cut and dyed. A major storm decided to sneak in while the color was setting in, so it was pouring by the time I ran to my car! GTFO THUNDER, I NEED INTERNET TIME!
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Why aren't you reading these books? I've recently started rereading and it makes me sad that the fandom has virtually died online. BABY COME BACK! YOU CAN BLAME IT ALLLLL ON ME!

For those of you who enjoy slash IT IS VERY SLASHABLE:

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10 Underrated Movies Everyone Should See Picspam

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My 10 Favorite Scents of Spartacus: Blood & Sand Season 1 Picspam

((Spartacus: Blood & Sand Season 1 Spoilers))

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5 Ships That Should Happen But Never Will Picspam

(Supernatural Spoilers)

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Not Ready: A Percy/Annabeth fanmix

AND Mini Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief picspam

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now with pictures! )

I wanna see some pics from you Cali folks since you're getting hit harder than we are.
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And just because I can, I made these:
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Matthew Goode picspam of hotness (warning: not all safe for work! For this, you are welcome, and SPOILERS for a bunch of his movies)

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Douglas Neitzke )

So yeah, you can expect icons bb
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Yeah, that's Jamie Bell's adorable wife from Defiance as Burton's Alice.

(source: mia wasikowska online)