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1-89 X-Men: First Class (+ Lucas Till)
90-100 Sebastian Stan
101-137 Ashley Benson/Pretty Little Liars
138-142 Percy Jackson
143-166 Rachel Thevenard (Skins US)


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In one word, Captain America was: PERFECT.

Guys. GUYS )

Remember back when The Covenant came out, and no one believed me that Sebastian Stan is fucking awesome? SUCK IT!
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1-16 Watchmen Movie
17-34 Matthew Goode (various)
35-39 Terminator: Salvation
40 David Boreanaz & Stephen Moyer
41-42 Sebastian Stan
43-53 My Chemical Romance/Frank Iero
54 Ellen Page
55-56 Olivia Wilde
57-62 Summer Glau


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1-4 Iron Man 2 (Black Widow)
5-9 Anton Yelchin
10-15 Kristen Stewart
16-18 Gossip Girl -Spoilers- (Sebastian Stan and Blake Lively)
19-22 Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson
23-42 Adam Brody
43-45 Danielle Panabaker
46-80 Hard Core Logo (heavy on Billy Tallent)


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1-8 Majandra Delfino
9 Sebastian Stan & Leighton Meester
10-22 Sebastian Stan
23-61 Kings - Pilot (spoilers)


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Kings )

Oh Seb, I love the projects you pick!


Nov. 6th, 2008 09:02 pm
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SEBASTIAN STAN WAS ON GOSSIP GIRL EPPIE 4!???? First person to get caps/pics of Seb on Gossip Girl wins at life!

[ profile] dj_capslock continues to make my day: EPPIE CAPS
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"TJ: What would you want to be if you weren't an actor?

STAN: I think I would want to make toys. Maybe it's that thing about trying to be a kid forever."

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He's a great actor, he loves James Dean, and zomg he doesn't want to grow up?

*dies from the adorableness*

See now my fangirliness is justified by his deep thoughts and newly found punk look!

Oh and pictures:
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So a few months ago (not knowing at the time that he'd be dying his hair for Talk Radio) I maniped a picture of Sebastian Stan to use for what I call "Constantine Movie done right" since the Constantine film with Reeves (as much as I love him) was nothing like the fuckingly awesome comics. I spent a good twenty minutes making his hair look real and ended up going from this Covenant still to this final:

Free Image Hosting at <->

And in these new Talk Radio stills he totally looks the part of Constantine, so why the hell aren't they making a movie already!?

*pounds geeky comic fan fists against desk* Make a movie already and DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME!

NOTE: To see what Constantine is supposed to look like check out Straight to Hell's gallery.
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I've spoiled you guys with Hayden lately, so it's time for another of my fave actors!

pretty much owns me... I don't know for the life of me why someone would put that much effort into a Covenant fansite, but holy frak I'm grateful they do!


(full size of these plus 12 more under cut)

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I found out why the blond hair made a sudden appearance: No one effing told me he was playing a punk rocker, and for that you should all be ashamed.

Found a couple pics of him actually in costume to (yay google!) cuz I had to see the Billy Idolness for myself:

(okay, okay, so the last one is mostly just the back of his head Liev Schreiber-who has an oddly sexy voice & Eric Bogosian-who played Barry in the original "Talk Radio" and was pretty much hilarious on Scrubs!))

Source(s): Showbuzz & Teahtermania.
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Sebastian Stan appeared very blond at last night's opening show for "Talk Radio":

Oddly, I think it's a good look for him. I just had to let my eyes adjust to the Billy Idolness for a minute before seeing that, lol! *shameless pimp [ profile] stan_inc*

Image Source:

(Newscom and Gettyimages have different pics if anyone has an account and feels like sharing :) )
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[ profile] lutsplaygames is frakking awesome!

((See why))
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Random googling and way too much time leads to this:


(full size of both plus more under cut)

Covenant Picspam! )

*Shamelessly Pimps*
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New Layout

Jan. 24th, 2007 01:09 am
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YAY! Cuz Sebastian's smile is too cute and [ profile] nytelady got me all excited about my new default icon.

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(Click Image for Download & Info)
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I was gonna wait till I had a pretty layout, but what the hell:

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