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So I thought Sunday that my stupid cold was giving me a fever (and I'm talking waking up shaking in a cold sweat fever, not my head's a little warm fever) but it turned out I had the flu. Spent most of Sunday night/Monday morning praying to the porcelain god, finally got to sleep for longer than ten minutes at a time when it slowed down around 3:30am. At this point my ribcage and throat felt like open wounds, and I took some drowsy cold meds to help me sleep, hoping the puking was over. Thankfully it was, but I started feeling nauseated again last night so I went to bed around 7pm. Slept until midnight when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, and I've been watching Rome ever since.

This show, I just...I have so many feels already.

That said, my ribcage still feels like a giant bruise (it was violent throwing up, not the simply gagging nonsense) so I've been trying not to laugh or cough, but the frakking cold is still there despite the flu being gone. Idk how I managed to get everything all at once, I guess the Fates just hate me.

In other news Lockout was brilliant (and will probably be a very underrated movie given the poor advertising for it), and I loved the perfection that was Cabin In The Woods
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So I think my sprained ankle is worse than I originally thought...ugh. it's swollen and painful.
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Man On A Ledge was predictable, but good. Jamie Bell continues to be a life ruiner. Also, this migraine I've had for the last two days needs to gtfo.

My sister is coming down to visit tomorrow, and she'll be here for a week, so I may not be online all that much. Aim has been fucking up lately too, and I haven't been getting IMs on my phone because it keeps saying I'm online when I'm not, so I'm sorry if you guys have been trying to get ahold of me. If this shit continues I'm taking the mobile off this weekend, but I like having it there for emergencies so aim better get their shit together. You guys can always reach me here or on my tumblr. Thanks to the people who contacted me on my tumblr to let me know it was being whack.
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Migraine, oh migraine, can you please gtfo. I crashed at 8pm and woke up about an hour ago around 4am, and it's still here only now it's a dull headache (which sometimes is even worse) but I want to go see Man On A Ledge today, and I need to work on my novels tonight and just UGH GTFO PAIN.

Also, do moodthemes work the same on dreamwidth as lj?
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i cannot even

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Ugh had to buy a new phone this morning though because my battery wasn't holding a charge so I am now brok sooner than I was expecting. I told my mom if she wants me to keep taking her places she needs to start paying for gas, which I hate doing, but I can't afford it otherwise.
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WORST HOLIDAY TO BE SICK ON EVER, especially food poisoning, because everyone around me was eating all of these things that are usually delicious. UGH.

By which I mean happy new year, guys.
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So I had food poisoning all night. Turns out that coughing and puking for hours at a time makes your throat and stomach sore as hell. Just UGH. I feel like crap right now.

In other news I enjoyed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and MI4. It was weird though because the crowd for Dragon Tattoo was mostly full of old people discussing the book. So not the crowd I expected it to attract.
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ah holiday dinners with the family. gpoy right now. I'll be online in a bit hopefully once I've done my community service socializing.

In other news--my toe is starting to feel like a toe again rather than a raging heartbeat of pain!
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So it turns out they stick a needle in the nerves multiple times to numb it before removing a toenail. I cried like a baby, negl. I've never felt pain like that in my life. But there was morphine in the shot so I'm feeling good now and hopefully will the rest of the day. Going to try to get some sleep now since the pain had me up all night.
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So I woke up to go to the bathroom and stumbled in the dark and not only caught my toenail on the edge of something, but kept walking until it nearly ripped off. It's literally there at the edge of my skin on the base of the nail, and I cut half of it but that's all I could manage before I was crying like a baby, and now I can't go back to sleep because even though I took extra strength tylenol it's throbbing like a bitch. Just UGH.

And Percy looks like he's getting buttraped in this moodtheme icon lulz

ETA: Well I managed to be somewhat productive through the annoying pain.
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Ugh sleep fail. Waking up because I can't breathe and my body decides that coughing is a good alternative? NOT FUN. Also, my throat feels like an open wound >.< This cold can suck my none-existent cock.
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All the awards to Iain in the finale of The Fades. Fucking amazing. And Natalie was so effing gorgeous it's unfair.

Yesterday was basically the worst day ever because of a lot of things, but I promise it wasn't anything to do with any of you--mostly shit with my mom--so please forgive me for not being on aim. Hopefully today will be better. Crossing my fingers.
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Andy Whitfield my cryes. WHYYYY. He was supposed to be getting better ;_;
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I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. 1) Peter's parents were never involved in the lab (which is what they're making it look like), 2) PETER PARKER WAS WRITTEN TO BE COMIC RELIEF NOT AN EMO KID. I love Andrew, I love Emma, but idk. At least they got the web device thing right this time I guess.
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Tragic before and after pics by albiolright. I think this puts it into perspective for anyone who thought we were joking when we said this shit burned half of our town.



It literally burned two houses away from mine. Over 40 people lost their homes, and at least three major businesses. So for anyone who thought we were over-reacting or exaggerating (AKA MY ASSHOLE UNCLE & some news stations) fuck you, these last two weeks were hell!
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The flames are a street away from my house now. Initiating panic mode. We're still safe but may lose everything.
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Most of you are aware, but for those who might not be, we had to evacuate our home yesterday because of the fire after a mandatory evacuation was initiated for our neighborhood (an evacuation that has moved further in town today as the fire grows). We're staying in Tucson with my asshole uncle, but as my parents' dog fell in the pool and nearly fucking drowned and the puppy just bit their bratty kid who got too close and in her space after we fucking warned her, idk how much longer that's going to last.

Talked to my boss today when my dad and I were allowed an hour to go back and removed his extensive ammo collection from the house so that it didn't endanger the firemen even more--he says he's expecting casualties now that it's jumped the highway, so I'll be going back down tomorrow to stay with a coworker in town so that I can help with that. They usually don't let us in until the fire is %100 contained, but since that doesn't look like it'll happen any time soon they may let us in before. I already volunteered to go in if they need someone to since I'm younger and dnw the old guys getting trapped. So yeah, I may very soon be in the danger zone, but as always I will keep my twitter updated. I have been trying to text but I have so many people worried (which means the world you guys have no idea) that it's just easier to send a text to my twitter, and the networks have been jammed at times because everyone and their mom is texting/calling people. I have also been updating my facebook at times, but it's the edited version since I have very Mormon family following, so the twitter is more accurate.

In side news, Dad and I went to see Green Lantern since we've both been waiting for that movie our entire lives, and it did not disappoint. If my life didn't suck so bad atm I'd fangirl but I just don't have the energy to say more than they did it right.

So basically everything and anything that can go wrong atm is. I appreciate any thoughts/prayers/comments etc. Please don't feel bad if I don't directly reply, I'm just running around atm trying not to lose it completely.

Also, my ex is one of the firefighter's who were called in to fight from Mesa, and he has continued to volunteer for the dangerous jobs. I haven't heard from him since 8am this morning. Yesterday he told me goodbye by telling me he still loves me. So yes, I'm fucking worried about him and all the law enforcement/firemen I work with through the funeral home.