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Finally done. Went back as far as I could remember.
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Can I just say I LOVE that you are a JB!fangirl, Trish? Arrrrrrrrrrrms!
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So it rained all day today, which led to a very happy Jen since it was my day off and I could enjoy it. Gaming is amusing at the moment. You all know of what I'm referring to. Pwning is so much fun, lmfao. Other, more constant and enjoyed elitest gaming have taken an unexpected epic turn and sparked my novel!writing muse again.

For another series. This one about a werewolf (yes I already designed a poster/cover for it) believe it or not. Cuz, come on, who wouldn't want to read the story of a werewolf shaped like Robert Downey Jr. who has a complicated friendship with an ancient vampire who looks like Ed Norton, while falling for a girl who looks like Eva Green that brings out the wolf in him after he's finally at a point in his life where he can control it? Yes, Beth, this means I've decided to actually write it, even though as I told you, I usually write vamps more than weres. This means I'll be doing even more research than I did for Ian (RDJ!were character that inspired novel) and probably borrowing/renting some wildlife shows about wolves in the near future.

This doesn't mean I'll forget about The Link, but since I've been working on that series for nearly eight years now, I think it's okay to take a breather and try something new. So if anyone has tips on where to find werewolf/wolf info, hook me up!

In other news, I totally nerded out when there was a Star Trek trailer before Superhero Movie on the DVD. Yeah, Superhero Movie was actually quite amusing. They got a lot of good comic movie shots in--but let's be honest, some of those movies make fun of themselves without trying xD

Catching up on season 3 of Weeds. Nancy, you have turned into quite the bitch and I frakking love it! Anxious for Supernatural and Heroes to come out on DVD--anyone have the dates yet? I really haven't even looked. Desperately want/need the Wanted soundtrack (thanks [ profile] alexi_lupin) and Switches' album. They're like my new British punk crack. Not quite The Clash calibur, but definitely up in the list. So if ANYONE has those, I'd be forever grateful if you SHARED!

EDIT: lulz I had the comments screened on this for some reason. *unscreens them*
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lulz )
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035-046 StringTheory (Jamie Bell/Clemence Poesy)
047-047 Jamie Bell
048-058 Hallam Foe
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+ 2 desktop wallpapers (Wanted//Jumper-Griffin/David)
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So ij is still hating on my computer, but Beth managed to keep me from throwing it through a window with crack!play. Molly Walker and Griffin? They were hilarious, until they realized how much they have in common, and then Beth and I were sort of like: o.O cuz crack became serious. And fyi, this is String Theory Molly, just so that no one thinks he's a pedo xD

teh crack--complete with Jumper spoilers and mention of Peter and Matt )
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Wow I really should be sleeping since I have work in a few hours, but Pyro got me reading my things that posts for nostalgic laughs and tears, and I decided to take a glance at some of my old fics since I mentioned them in those posts. ST kids, how very Adam Schaffer is John in Alpha Dog? Lots of similarities y/y? Tomorrow I'll sift through my other fics since this gem made me all proud of my writing again.
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Adam Schaffer picspam!


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+ 65 Heroes Season 2
+ 40 The Last Day (mostly Gaspard)
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Forgot to announce my new layout for the ST OTP, Jesse Rite/Sadie Calhoun. It turned out really emo, but that's completely them. Lyrics are Tegan and Sara's "This Is Everything"
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Cast (Hayden, Kristen, Gabrielle, and Emily) picspam time! Happy Holidays everyone!

(Pic spam 1)

JAMIE BELLNESS! He's so freaking adorable/angsty/hot all at once. The boy more than deserves his own post!

(Pic spam 2)

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Things that irritate me:
Wow, I have an entire frakking list today. )

Also, WTF HAPPENED TO [ profile] gaspard_daily

Things that make me smile:
Can't honestly think of anything. How sad is that? I think this is the first time I haven't been able to come up with a silver lining for my 'things that' entry.
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Forgot to announce my new layout for the ST OTP, Elle/Adam Schaffer. Isn't it purty? I'd bore you with the details on who they are and why they're so fun, but it would do just that--bore you. So I guess if you're curious you can ask xD
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Sylar/Zach picspam!


You and I have trust issues, Doctor.
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Mkay, I couldn't resist. I bought a paid account for [ profile] modtoys since they have that userpics for free deal going atm. Someone link me to the best Heroes moodtheme out there? Or, better yet, make me a Sring Theory one?
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Girls of ST classic!Hollywood style:


Holy Marilyn Monroe, Batman!


Back from the dead and still pretty!

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Also, ST QUOTE/SONG of the week is up!
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The first of many picspams (spoilery, of course).


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So that those on my f-list not interested in Heroes (shame on all of you) won't be spammed by posts like this one:

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