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When Skynet was originally installed by the military to control the national arsenal on August 4, 1997 no one could have suspected the impact it would have on the world. Becoming self-aware, Skynet disregarded the first two rules of robotics and a nuclear war was carried out that nearly destroyed humanity. Machines were created to terminate or herd the remaining population. For years, the Machines were able to carry their plan out with little resistance.

Enter: John Connor. The prophesied son of the Resistance, an unofficial military organization that eventually threw a wrench into the Machine's plan. Ultimately, although they managed to regain hope for humanity, they didn't manage to overthrow the Machines. Now, in the year 2068--50 years after the events in T4--all of the major players, including John Connor himself, are long deceased in a war that never truly ended.

The Machines continue to hunt humanity and have taken to using sleeper agents among their ranks to discover Resistance Camps. While humanity has managed to take the majority of what was once Canada and Alaska, the Machines remain largely in control of the rest of the world. With John Connor just a legend, humanity is once more struggling to keep optimistic about their future.

But there are few who cling to Asimov's three rules and hope to incorporate them in a future where Machines and humanity can coexist. Over the years, Machines have been captured and reprogrammed to fight alongside the Resistance, testing the theory that the 3 Laws would make a difference.

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1-7 Iron Man 2, Harry Potter, Resident Evil 4
8-18 Southland season 2
19-67 Logan Lerman & Percy Jackson
68-96 Terminator: Salvation
97-140 The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2


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1-2 Rpg
3-4 Anton Yelchin
5-9 Alona Tal
10-16 Supernatural 'Good God Ya'll'
16-18 Matthew Goode & Billy Crudup
19-31 Matthew Goode
32-42 Brideshead Revisted (2008)


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Finally finished watching The Lookout with [ profile] backtalk today, and I hafta say even without Matthew and JGL it probably would have been a good movie. I liked the script, because it was a heist story with a twist, and watching it with [ profile] backtalk was just lulz. Bought Imagine Me & You at Bookmen's yesterday while I was waiting for that autopsy to get done, and made [ profile] pyro_monkey17 watch it. She, of course, loved it.

Thinking about watching Brick next--anyone know if it's any good? I just don't know if I can handle Tess. She'll always be that bitch to me.

Updated everything on cultstatus today aside from a couple of psls I have to add. It's kind of a relief to see the numbers in 'currently played characters' and 'currently used pbs' growing smaller (though it made me miss Eli). I'm really happy with where I'm at in rp right now, who I'm playing with and who I'm playing etc., and aside from one idea briefly discussed with [ profile] bookishbeth have no intentions of changing things any time soon. New characters can just die off in my head. lmfao we'll see how that goes.

I do wish, however, that ij would consistently send notifs. I feel so bad, especially when threading with [ profile] gothic_veils because ij clearly doesn't understand the awesome of Chekov/Ushas.

Anyway, random update is random.
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1-16 Watchmen Movie
17-34 Matthew Goode (various)
35-39 Terminator: Salvation
40 David Boreanaz & Stephen Moyer
41-42 Sebastian Stan
43-53 My Chemical Romance/Frank Iero
54 Ellen Page
55-56 Olivia Wilde
57-62 Summer Glau


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1-4 Iron Man 2 (Black Widow)
5-9 Anton Yelchin
10-15 Kristen Stewart
16-18 Gossip Girl -Spoilers- (Sebastian Stan and Blake Lively)
19-22 Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson
23-42 Adam Brody
43-45 Danielle Panabaker
46-80 Hard Core Logo (heavy on Billy Tallent)


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1-3 entries for [ profile] antonstills
4-13 Anton Yelchin
14-20 Ben Kowalewicz
21-31 MCR/Frank Iero
32-37 The Haunting In Connecticut
38-47 The Uninvited
48-53 Mia Wasikowkska
54-63 Just Friends
64-69 Hallam Foe
70-90 KStew/Twilight


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1-6 Adam (Supernatural)
7-10 Stock: Stone Angels
11-13 RPG requests
14-20 Powder Blue
21-31 Ginger Snaps: Unleashed
32 RPG for electus
33-35 Olivia Wilde
36-46 Anton Yelchin - entries for [ profile] antonstills
47-75 Sam Worthington/Terminator Salvation/Anton Yelchin

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I Was Never A Normal Boy: a Pavel Chekov fanmix heavily featuring Sulu.


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1 Cursed
2-5 TSCC: Sarah/Kyle
6-19 Charlie Bartlett
20-33 RPG icon dump (includes Jamie Bell, Frank Iero, Majandra Delfino, Alona Tal, Chris Pine, Melissa George, Christina Ricci, Anton Yelchin)

[+ 2 TSCC: Sarah/Kyle banners]


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Bought Charlie Bartlett and The Uninvited with my Blockbuster gift card I got for my birthday, and I rented Powder Blue (in which Eddie Redmayne plays a mortician, so win <3) Gotta run and get wet and naked first, not necessarily in that order, since I spent the last two hours building picnic tables for my church.

Also, semi-good news, my dad said I can use his slow ass computer until I can get one, which means tagging would happen, but without a variation of icons.

ETA: OH! and I got my hair cut kinda like Sarah Connor's (though that wasn't on purpose, and I only noticed afterwards) but a bit longer and with side bangs. I'll take a picture someday when I'm looking like a human.
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I love how confident and funny he always is in his interviews. And Sam says fuck A LOT.
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1-35 The Sarah Connor Chronicles (season 1)
36-67 Star Trek (spoilers)

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1-7 My Chemical Romance/Frank Iero
8-18 Daniel Henney, Mia Wasikowska, Jordana Brewster
19-31 Peter Pan (2003)
32-41 Star Trek (no spoilers)
42-44 30 Days of Night
45-54 Anton Yelchin, Terminator cast, Zach Quinto
55-77 Terminator Salvation (Kyle Reese)

[+ 1 Kyle Reese banner]



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I love playing Pavel so much. I applied for him because Kirk was taken, but omg I'm loving it. Still just pregame back plottage until we get more characters, but so much fun. <3