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10 Underrated Movies Everyone Should See Picspam

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cut for pretty )

Possibly getting a member of Halfblood to watch Misfits after they mentioned that they might use Robert Sheehan for their new badass character? WIN ♥

cut for political ranting & if you're going to argue with me about it just don't comment )

The other day when I was at work there was a delay in the fight, so I had five hours to kill (pun intended this time, Beth) and my boss told me to go 'play' since he didn't want me having to drive to Tucson twice in one day. So I got to watch Shutter Island ON THE CLOCK ♥ I really want to read the book now even though I easily guessed the movie's ending (I have a habit of doing that). It was hilarious though because right after the Iron Man 2 trailer some random dude yelled out "I CAN'T WAIT!" I hear ya, buddy, that movie's going to be very kick ass.

Anyway, I have to take my mom shopping later, but I'll be online tonight to catch up on tags/do adds. I never expected this huge of a response to the game, but fuck yeah keep it coming!

I kind of love that this picture was chosen for the 'productive' moodtheme pic in this Matthew Goode moodtheme.
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1-16 Movies (Watchmen, Lowland Fell, Nightmare On Elm Street, Jennifer's Body)
17-27 Nicholas Hoult + Skins Series 2
28-39 Equilibrium
40-54 Gamer
55-72 Percy Jackson + Cast


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1-9 Matthew Goode/Leap Year
10-12 Cherrybomb & Percy Jackson
13-16 Rachel Weisz
17-25 Legion
26-32 Iron Man 2

+ 1 Animation (Legion)


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Please Don't Go: A Multi-fandom loss/character death fanmix. [Spoilers for: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, A Single Man, Roswell, Misfits, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Angel]

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1-6 Jamie Bell
7-15 Matthew Goode/Leap Year Premiere
16-21 Robbie Sheehan (Cherrybomb stills)
22-67 Misfits series 1

+ 4 Banners (Matthew Goode & Cherrybomb)


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I'll acknowledge right now that yes, it was predictable, and yes it was a romantic comedy with a lot of clich├ęs, but Amy and Matthew made it so much more.

All you anti-Leap Year feminists can line up and suck my nonexistent dick. I don't give a fuck. )

So yes, I liked it. People who didn't can gtfo--romantic comedies are supposed to be stupid!
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1-13 Various Actors & Actresses (Eddie Redmayne, Megan Fox, Mia Wasikowkska, Scarlett Johansson)
14-22 Salt & Daybreakers trailers
23-25 Assassin's Creed
26-41 Matthew Goode
42-59 Misfits series 1


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Giving [ profile] causticammo a new layout cheered me up considerably. You should all go look since you can never have too much Matthew Goode in your life.
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And just because I can, I made these:
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1-10 Various Actors & Actresses (Keira Knightley, Mia Wasikowkska, Rachel Weisz, Zac Efron, Milo Ventimiglia, Robert Downey Jr.)
11-17 Silence of the Lambs & Blood Creek
18-33 Ashley Greene/Twilight/New Moon
34-49 Leap Year
50-72 Matthew Goode/Brideshead Revisited/A Single Man

+ 6 Banners (Zac Efron, Matthew Goode, The Vampire Diaries, Rachel Weisz, The Black Donnellys)
+ 5 Animations (Jamie Bell, Brideshead Revisited, Matthew Goode)


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New Moon

Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:36 pm
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I liked it. Especially the Volturi. They're everything I imagine Matt to be, only much girlier than Matt.
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1-10 The Vampire Diaries; Episodes 7
11-26 Generation Kill: Get Some
27-34 Brideshead Revisited; The Lookout
35-50 Leap Year
51-61 Matthew Goode (includes Ben Whishaw)


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I know it will probably come up as a big now, but I was just wondering if anyone has any CLEARPLAY filters they would be willing to share (or can look for some)? Specifically for Watchmen? It's the only way I can get my dad to watch it and his subscription has run out.
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1-24 Matthew Goode (A Single Man - SPOILERS, Chasing Liberty)
25-32 Actresses (Emily Perkins, Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene)
33-34 Tom Felton
35-39 Jumper (Jamie Bell)
40-49 Casey Affleck
50-53 Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin
54-73 The Vampire Diaries (Pilot)


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Matthew Goode picspam of hotness (warning: not all safe for work! For this, you are welcome, and SPOILERS for a bunch of his movies)

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1-10 Watchmen (Adrian/Ozymandias)
11-45 Matthew Goode

+ 5 Matthew Goode banners


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