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Taken 2 was all right. They tried way too hard to set it up for a third movie though, and I hate it when movies are written just to allow more sequels. Still, Liam can get it at his age.

I keep having strange dreams (and I'm going to blame it on the cold meds) but they're all ideas that would make good books, so I've been jotting them down to write later. Missed my window on this, which sucks, but there will be other shots. I don't think they would have picked mine anyway--it's nowhere in the same league as the other authors they publish, and still needs a lot of work before it's a book people would want to read.

In other news They confirmed they're using the Dark Elves in Thor: The Dark World, so I can't fucking wait for that. It was already pretty obvious they were, but I wasn't going to celebrate until I heard for sure. I must be the only Loki fangirl who is looking forward to him getting the crap kicked out of him. Of course, I'm one of the only Loki fangirls who doesn't just want to fuck his brains out but knows he's a batshit insane villain, so...
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Guys, guys, guys, guys, guess what? I FINISHED THE REWRITE OF MY NOVEL. If I were a drinker I'd get so smashed tonight.

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Worked out again today for 40 minutes this time. I'm starting to understand the euphoria people describe feeling during exercise though I'm still not this lucky. (When I read that article I LOLed at first, then felt bad for the women who have that happen in a gym full of people). I've found that watching Teen Wolf while I work out helps motivate me to keep going for the full 40 minutes, so once I'm done with season 1 streaming, I need to think of a new show to watch instead until season 2 is on netflix. Or maybe I'll stop being lazy and finish season 2 of TVD finally. I've had it sitting on my nightstand forever now. idk why I always forget to watch it cuz season 2 got super intense, but yeah.

Stomach people, what's your recommendation for getting flat?

I've been such a lazy ass my entire life that this is all very new to me, and I'm starting to wonder why I never did this before. I've done sit-ups most of my life and weight lifting from time to time, but never running/walking like this. Not since elementary school when I raced cross-country, but that was lifetimes ago.

Anyway, also got a lot done on my novel, and I'm way psyched about working on it. My photoshop muse also randomly came back, idek.

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on Sea Wall and it's realism (spoilers behind the cut) )

In other news, waking up three hours before I have to go to work just because I crashed early with a migraine is uncool. It's just a run to one of the hospitals in Tucson, however, so I won't be gone all day hopefully. Using the drive up and back to plot/ponder things about my book so that I can get back on writing it again. I've fallen into horrible habits now that I'm catching up on rp of ignoring my own novels, so I may start setting aside an hour each night where I take a break from rp.

We'll see how well that works out I guess.

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Migraine, oh migraine, can you please gtfo. I crashed at 8pm and woke up about an hour ago around 4am, and it's still here only now it's a dull headache (which sometimes is even worse) but I want to go see Man On A Ledge today, and I need to work on my novels tonight and just UGH GTFO PAIN.

Also, do moodthemes work the same on dreamwidth as lj?
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I'm supposed to be cleaning the haunted mortuary right now, but instead I'm procrastinating by making a list of all the things I have to accomplish today:

+ Clean Jensen's
+ Pack the rest of my things at my apartment
+ Clean my apartment since I won't have time tomorrow or Friday
+ Call the electric company to let those bitches know to charge the apartment complex
+ Forward my mail
+ Bone Temps (and possibly CHB depending on my other modly half's day) adds
+ Finish and post the latest CHB score (I just need to design the back cover and it's done)
+ Deny my urge to reopen Nowthedead.
+ Fight my new Emily Browning muse
+ Finish chapter 1 of In The Dark
+ Watch this week's True Blood if my parents will stay the fuck away for an hour

I think that's it, but holy shit today is going to be busy. I probably won't be online again until this evening. And going to bed at 9pm last night was a mistake--I woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep.
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Title: #1 Ab Initio
Series Title: the Link
Author: Jennifer S. aka [ profile] roguedemonhunte
Disclaimer: All characters mentioned in this work of fiction were either
Based on real people with their permission or completely fictional. Any similarities between these an other real/fictional characters is either coincidental or done with permission.
Cast List: H E R E
Previous Chapter: H E R E

[[Jason wants you to remember, and Brian wants to be the hero and tell you.]]

I'd really, really, really appreciate it if you guys could read and critique (kindly) for me!
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So today I'm taking my car in to get it fixed finally so that I don't have another accident. I've been trying to figure out why that small accident bothered me so damn much, and I've come to the conclusion that thanks to my job I have seen the worst of the worst situations possible, and every time I drive by that knocked over sign my mind goes through what could have happened. So basically, it's a psychological injury more than anything, and because it's on the corner right by my work place I have to get over it. Hoping this car repair doesn't cost too much. I get paid on Friday, but I have rent to pay too.

It's going to be so nice to be able to set that rent money aside once I move back with the parents. Hopefully I can save up and get a good car. I mean, yeah, it'll suck being back home with the parents, but if it saves me $700/month why not? At least for a while.

Halfway through the second Percy Jackson book and I'm effng loving them. Not only do I get to imagine a younger Logan Lerman and Jake Abel playing their parts, but I've always sort of had a thing for the Greek/Roman gods. I very nearly used them for The Link, but figured with Jason's background that Celtic gods would be a more creative way to go. Once I get these books read (which should be by this weekend at the rate I'm going) I plan on starting Skins series 3 finally. Also giving Merlin a shot since Beth and Ally have raved about it. Ugh, I want Misfits back already though!

Anyway, I need to go grab a shower and take my car in. Wish me cheap repairs!
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This sick and migrainey feeling needs to gtfo.

My mom called me about 76786785423 times today asking if I was coming over, and after the night I had last night over there I just had to keep making up excuses. I just wasn't in a hurry to get back over there and be reminded that my moving out made their lives more difficult.

Had random inspiration to work on The Link this morning at 4am, but it went away before I got anything done. Writing those books used to consume my attention completely. I mean, I almost failed English because I worked on them instead, but these days I just can't get the inspiration. Anyone know of anything that might help?

Been rereading early Hellblazer issues (dled 1-100 thanks to [ profile] doctorsidrat @ [ profile] comicunity) but can't seem to find anything after that anywhere since the links after that are all dead :\ so if anyone knows of where I can download 101 on of Hellblazer (preferably in zips of bulk to make it easier than individual issues, but at this point I'll take anything) please let me know!

Ugh mom just called again. Mandatory family dinner tiem. I may not be in the best mood when I get back :[

Randomly tiny penis:
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Wow. I love rp, I really, really do, but I think it replaced fic writing for me, and after glancing at reviews on my old fanfiction account (Especially TBWDTW), I now know that I need to find a healthy balance between the two and keep writing! I also need to start working on The Link again hardcore. People really like my writing and character development--they appreciate the details I give in characterization (I've often been complimented on this with RP characters too) and this is what I really want to do and totally something I can do while being a funeral director, so why the hell am I not?
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PREMISE: There was a time when the chosen Links were able to do their job and keep balance between the living and the dead, but recently something--or someone--has weakened the barrier between the Otherworld and Atlaed. This weakened barrier has allowed creatures who have not walked among mortals for centuries to spill into the world and cause chaos. Though the people fight, only the Links can ultimately fix the barrier and return balance.


NOTE: Loosely based on roguedemonhunte's unpublished novels, though reading them is definitely not required or expected!

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So I was about to go to bed, had literally just laid my head on the pillow, when my phone rang. At first I thought it was someone from work who's number I didn't have, but when I looked I saw that it was my bff from elementary/jr. high/high school! I haven't spoken to her in like a year!

But omfg, she's living in L.A. now, and we're already making plans for me to come visit some time soon. I'm hoping some time in May, if I can save up the money. And yeah, since I'd be in the state already, you can pretty much tell Alex to start making his bed on the couch Trish.

I'm way excited about this, first Beth visiting in March and now possibly seeing Sarah after like 2+ years! I mean, this is the girl that read the very first, hand written draft of The Link, the copy I'd doodled on my notebook during geometry.

lmfao she was actually surprised I work at a funeral home though, which is ironic since she knows me as well as my family and Pyro. But yeah, after telling her war stories about work--minus the story of That One Time Trish Scared the Crap Out of Jen, she told me what she's been up to. Oh and the best part? She called me because our other bf is visiting her, so I got to talk to both of them--and said bf still lives here in Sierra Vista so we're totally hanging out soonish!

Yeah, so it's 4am, I'm wide awake, and TNT is having a Law & Order marathon just for me, so probably not getting sleep tonight lmfao.


Nov. 27th, 2008 03:24 pm
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So, my writing muse is back, and I just realized my sister's computer is lame and doesn't have microsoft word. Anyone have it they could share? Because, I really, really need it!
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So it rained all day today, which led to a very happy Jen since it was my day off and I could enjoy it. Gaming is amusing at the moment. You all know of what I'm referring to. Pwning is so much fun, lmfao. Other, more constant and enjoyed elitest gaming have taken an unexpected epic turn and sparked my novel!writing muse again.

For another series. This one about a werewolf (yes I already designed a poster/cover for it) believe it or not. Cuz, come on, who wouldn't want to read the story of a werewolf shaped like Robert Downey Jr. who has a complicated friendship with an ancient vampire who looks like Ed Norton, while falling for a girl who looks like Eva Green that brings out the wolf in him after he's finally at a point in his life where he can control it? Yes, Beth, this means I've decided to actually write it, even though as I told you, I usually write vamps more than weres. This means I'll be doing even more research than I did for Ian (RDJ!were character that inspired novel) and probably borrowing/renting some wildlife shows about wolves in the near future.

This doesn't mean I'll forget about The Link, but since I've been working on that series for nearly eight years now, I think it's okay to take a breather and try something new. So if anyone has tips on where to find werewolf/wolf info, hook me up!

In other news, I totally nerded out when there was a Star Trek trailer before Superhero Movie on the DVD. Yeah, Superhero Movie was actually quite amusing. They got a lot of good comic movie shots in--but let's be honest, some of those movies make fun of themselves without trying xD

Catching up on season 3 of Weeds. Nancy, you have turned into quite the bitch and I frakking love it! Anxious for Supernatural and Heroes to come out on DVD--anyone have the dates yet? I really haven't even looked. Desperately want/need the Wanted soundtrack (thanks [ profile] alexi_lupin) and Switches' album. They're like my new British punk crack. Not quite The Clash calibur, but definitely up in the list. So if ANYONE has those, I'd be forever grateful if you SHARED!

EDIT: lulz I had the comments screened on this for some reason. *unscreens them*
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Making some Link quote icons. If you have any suggestions, comment here with a quote!
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Dear F-List,
I need your help. I know it's not my NaNoWiMo project, but I need your feedback on my novel, The Link.
Love, Jen

The Link #1, Chapter 12 is up over at [ profile] final_link (as well as the other 11 chapters). And yes, you must be a member to see the post. If you are interested in reading my Link books, please join the community and I will review your user info real quick and probably accept you.
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Re-vamped my fic a little. For those who have already read it, it is worth another glance (new info added) and for those who haven't, feel free to J O I N [ profile] final_link and see what it's all about.

Title: #1 ab initio
Series Title: the Link
Author: Jennifer S. aka [ profile] roguedemonhunte
Disclaimer: All characters mentioned in this work of fiction were either
Based on real people with their permission or completely fictional. Any similarities between these an other real/fictional characters is either coincidental or done with permission.
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Uh, there's blood...
Revamped so far: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

(Chapter 10 Is Up!)
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Dean/Jo Fic )

Also, updates for the following (my muse came back, yay!):
+Doomsday Averted (Covenant/Supernatural)
+Make This Last (Kyro)
+The Link (original fiction)


Jun. 9th, 2006 12:02 pm
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I'm gonna try my best to not open photoshop tonight until I've finished the next chapters of The Link,
The Boy Who Destroyed the World, and With You. Key word: try. Photoshop owns my soul some days I fear.

I Promise

May. 25th, 2006 10:51 pm
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I promise to have Chapter 7 of With You, and Chapter 6 of The Link up tomorrow or Saterday. I'm going to see X3 tomorrow afternoon after work though, so I can't promise to have it up tomorrow night absolutely. But I shall try.

In the meantime, join [ profile] unique_banality and [ profile] final_link for updates!