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1-16 Nicholas Hoult, Ben McKenzie, Robert Downey Jr. & Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz
17-33 The Mummy Returns
34 William Moseley
35-51 Eclipse, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart
52-87 Percy Jackson + Cast
88-112 Supernatural season 5 Episode 19: Hammer of the Gods (spoilers)


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1-56 New Moon (mostly Kristen)


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1-10 Kristen Stewart, Ashley Green, Sebastian Stan
11-18 Iron Man 2 (Black Widow), Olivia Wilde
19-46 Skins + Cast
47-82 Percy Jackson + Cast
83-111 Supernatural Season 5, Episode 18 (spoilers)

+ 2 Animations (PJO: Thalia/Luke)
+ 3 Banners (Percy Jackson, Kaya Scodelario, Kristen Stewart)


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1-8 Chris Evans, Alona Tal, Rachel Weisz
9-48 Percy Jackson (SPOILERS)
49-74 New Moon + Cast
75-97 Spartacus: Blood & Sand "Party Favors" (SPOILERS)


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Feb. 16th, 2010 11:06 pm
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1-10 Various Actors & Actresses (Keira Knightley, Mia Wasikowkska, Rachel Weisz, Zac Efron, Milo Ventimiglia, Robert Downey Jr.)
11-17 Silence of the Lambs & Blood Creek
18-33 Ashley Greene/Twilight/New Moon
34-49 Leap Year
50-72 Matthew Goode/Brideshead Revisited/A Single Man

+ 6 Banners (Zac Efron, Matthew Goode, The Vampire Diaries, Rachel Weisz, The Black Donnellys)
+ 5 Animations (Jamie Bell, Brideshead Revisited, Matthew Goode)


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New Moon

Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:36 pm
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I liked it. Especially the Volturi. They're everything I imagine Matt to be, only much girlier than Matt.
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So forced family fun will take most of my evening today and day tomorrow since tomorrow is my parents' anniversary and we're all going out to dinner after seeing New Moon (my mom's idea). This would all be fine and dandy if I didn't physically feel like shit. I seriously need to go somewhere and find out how much twin beds cost, because this waking up with a migraine every day thing needs to stop.
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1-30 New Moon (theatrical trailer - SPOILERS)
31-44 Hellblazer
45-55 James D'Arcy (Rise: Blood Hunter)
56-61 Pearl Harbor
62-69 Red Wolves

+ 6 New Moon Sidebar Animations
+ 6 Banners (James D'Arcy, Ewan McGregor, Matthew Goode)


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1-3 entries for [ profile] antonstills
4-13 Anton Yelchin
14-20 Ben Kowalewicz
21-31 MCR/Frank Iero
32-37 The Haunting In Connecticut
38-47 The Uninvited
48-53 Mia Wasikowkska
54-63 Just Friends
64-69 Hallam Foe
70-90 KStew/Twilight


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So I went to breakfast with my dad this morning, this guy's shirt says "Official I Love Bella Swan Fanclub Member." Now, I couldn't take that great of a pic because I didn't want him thinking I was a creepy person trying to take pictures of him and his kids, but I did have to double take to make sure that's what his shirt said, because come on, look at him! (Ignore the waitress to the right)

Anyway, going to see Haunting In Connecticut with my dad at 1, so I won't be online until after that.


And oh yeah, for those that haven't seen it already at, here's a picture of intense!Jamie (takes lots of concentration to pull off such a serious character apparently) with dots on his face, sitting next to Gollum:

With only 2 hours of sleep, everything is funny btw.
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MCR explains why no song for Twilight )

lmfaooooo oh Gerard and Frank, trying to be nice.
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Mom wanted to buy me a Twilight shirt today, but I told her I'd rather have a band shirt. Fucking retard behind the counter at that store I hate didn't know who Leathermouth or Billy Talent are, and they were lame and didn't have any of their shirts anyway, so I picked out a MSI shirt. My mom bought it for me, and just as we were leaving I found a discounted Alkaline shirt and got that too.

Yay for holiday shopping and new billy martin muses and dreams about making out with olivia wilde (for which I blame elle)
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I haz a Jasper on my sidebar thanks to the awesome [ profile] damnprecious23!
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I'd lj cut it, but um no. You all need to witness the awesome.
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So, dad took us to see Twilight again, since my lame sister didn't want to watch James Bond. Anyway, had fun laughing and making fun of it with him, and he totally yelled out "Why so serious!?" when they did a closeup of Robert's made-up vampire face near the end. Yeah, I love my dad.

I may or may not have a Twilight fanfic muse for the first time ever.


only, unlike Stephenie, I write better than a nine-year-old

Anyway, leaving the theater went like this:

Me: So how did you like the Mormon housewife's version of Dracula, Dad?
My Dad: I like Whedon's version of vampires better, but it was...okay.
Me: Because they don't sparkle?
My Dad: That's one of many reasons.

Randomly, does anyone have the Twilight score? I already have Bella's Lullaby or whatever cuz it's on the OST, but I want the score since it's all dark and moody and awesome. [ profile] aintgotnosoul owns me.