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[[Bye bitch.]]

I really was living under that illusion, I'll admit it. I thought maybe, just maybe you'd pull your head out of your ass and apologize for real, but this was the final nail in your coffin. So sick of your passive-aggressive bullshit, so goodbye.

I had to brag too.
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Reading wiki's and watching the movie on youtube (until my dad's internet cut out and I lost all I'd waited to download) wasn't a good idea. I...may have to rent this game. tyvm trish.


Dec. 30th, 2009 10:56 am
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LOL @ the moodtheme pic for 'excited.' Matthew: oooooooh.
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Trish! Look what I found in HQ last night! She's so gorgeous!

Randomly, it sort of blows my mind that Emily Perkins is a year older than Matthew Goode irl. girl still looks 18!
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Douglas Neitzke )

So yeah, you can expect icons bb
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LMFAO so apparently I texted some nonsense not really words to Trish at 8am this morning, and I do NOT REMEMBER THIS AT ALL.

Vicodin = kinda awesome.

Though sorry if I woke you up bb!
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I didn't need a reminder of how OTP they are, but it made my night in an epic way <3
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So I went to breakfast with my dad this morning, this guy's shirt says "Official I Love Bella Swan Fanclub Member." Now, I couldn't take that great of a pic because I didn't want him thinking I was a creepy person trying to take pictures of him and his kids, but I did have to double take to make sure that's what his shirt said, because come on, look at him! (Ignore the waitress to the right)

Anyway, going to see Haunting In Connecticut with my dad at 1, so I won't be online until after that.


And oh yeah, for those that haven't seen it already at, here's a picture of intense!Jamie (takes lots of concentration to pull off such a serious character apparently) with dots on his face, sitting next to Gollum:

With only 2 hours of sleep, everything is funny btw.
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So I'm sitting there in the middle of this beautiful Catholic church this morning, helping out with a funeral, and I randomly decide to text Trish. So here's now it went:

Me: Eli: *licks Eddie*
Trish: Eddie: I NEED AN ADULT

And then I busted out laughing in the middle of this funeral because of her Family Guy reference and the mental image of Frank yelling it out.
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Yeah, that's Frank Iero on my new journal header. Enjoy.
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Oh yeah, in the tradition of scaring the crap out of me, I laid down today before I had to come to work to nap away my cold, and was awoken by none other than Trish's butt calling me. Her ringtone, mind you, is 'bow chica wow wow!' over and over again, so in my half asleep daze I wasn't sure wtf was going on. And my mom tried to call at the same time so my phone froze and played Trish's ringtone for like five minutes nonstop.

And it left me a voicemail. I am loved.
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Had a Deathwatch dream last night and Beth and Trish were both there, as was a RDJ!shaped Ian. It was weird. Anyway, just got back from a funeral, and I already have a death call, so I'll be back in a bit.
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Way busy morning, long ass funeral, and going to see 7lbs with the family. Had to run some errands right after work, so I'm only just home now. Fucking tired. Rented Deathwatch though, so you guys get my commentary of that later when I get back. Be excited Trish, be very excited. Also found The Invisible for $5.99 so I bought that. The world loves our casting.

My Billy Talent shit still isn't here. Those assholes.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I had a dream in which Trish and I were playing together--don't take that the beth way, since I was playing my bass and she was playing Frank's guitar. And Frank was there and giggling. Good times.
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Fuck you, Amazon, seducing me with a Billy Talent shirt when I ordered my Leathermouth cd.

And my first order of Billy Talent stuff still isn't here. Probably because I keep checking for it every day like a loser. I want my shit to be here already dammit!
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So my new mouse is basically Trish on coffee and skittles. It's chordless and spazzy and I can't get used to it, but at least it doesn't close random tabs when I select them.

On the music front, thinking about calling up some old buddies later on in the week to see if there are any local shows this weekend. I have to work saturday, but they were always on fridays back when I went to them regularly. Getting back into music has been great. I feel alive again, like a huge part of me that I ignored for two years is back and I can smile again. My parents probably don't like it but fuck them. They never did. They're of the traditional school of thought that if it's punk it's bad. boo.